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Issue Details

Issue #32
Published May 1944
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Editing Leon Harvey

Cover Details

Pencils Alex Schomburg
Inks Alex Schomburg

10 page Captain Freedom story "Captain Freedom and the Purple Parrot"

Characters Dr. Krab (Villain; Intro; Death); Mephisto (a parrot; Villain; Intro; Death)

8 page Shock Gibson story "The Fiendish Fourth Dimension"

Characters Dr. Ugbono (Villain; Intro; Death); the Japanese (Villain)
Genre superhero
Script Bob Powell?
Pencils Bob Powell
Inks Bob Powell

4 page Biff Bannon story "Tsk-tsk, here comes them Jap bombers again!"

Script Art Helfant
Pencils Art Helfant
Inks Art Helfant

8 page Black Cat story "The Perfidious Partisan"

Characters Hauptmann Stewig (Villain; Intro; Death); Zuzka [Mrs. Stewig] (Villain; Intro); Nazis (Villain); Drug (Intro)
Genre superhero
Pencils Joe Kubert?
Inks Joe Kubert?

2 page Captain Freedom, Young Defenders, Black Cat, Shock Gibson text story "The Story Behind the Cover"

Letters typeset

6 page Padlock Homes story "The Green Ghost, Part 1"

Characters The Green Ghost (Villain); the Professor (Villain)
Script Ed Wheelan
Pencils Ed Wheelan
Inks Ed Wheelan

8 page Girl Commandoes story "Treachery In Tibet"

Characters The Dalai Lama (Intro; Death); Ngoloks (Villain; Intro); Japanese (Villain); Major Yama (Villain; Intro; Death)
Pencils Jill Elgin
Inks Jill Elgin