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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published May 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing ?
Notes No issue #1, this is the first issue.

Cover Details

Genre Superhero
Pencils Paul Gustavson
Inks Paul Gustavson
Notes No issue #1, this is the first issue.

12 page Aman, the Amazing-Man story "All is serene in the luxurious Embassy Hotel..."

Characters Amazing Man [John Aman]; Zora Henderson; The Great Question (Villain); Boro (Chief of the Underground Army) (Villain); Chief of Police; Nika; Doctor Vallah
Synopsis Amazing Man must stop The Great Question and Boro from breaking into a bank vault.
Genre Superhero

7 page Minimidget story "Minimidget and Ritty have volunteered to fly serum to some isolated cabins in the mountains."

Characters Minimidget; Ritty; Bill
Synopsis Minimidget and Ritty help a prospector get his claim back from two claim jumpers.
Genre Superhero
Pencils John Kolb (signed)
Inks John Kolb (signed)

8 page Shark story "Extra--arsenal blown up--extra..."

Characters The Shark; Father Neptune; Joe; Von Lougg
Synopsis The Shark and Father Neptune must stop Von Lougg and his group of submarine-planes from destroying New York.
Genre Superhero
Script Lew Glanzman (signed)
Pencils Lew Glanzman (signed)
Inks Lew Glanzman (signed)
Notes Last appeared in AMAZING-MAN COMICS #22

7 page Mighty-Man story "The Witch, a clever super-criminal, is holding the Mighty Man..."

Characters Mighty-Man; The Witch; Casey (Henchman); Ratsy (Henchman)
Synopsis Mighty-Man stops The Witch and her gang from robbing an armored car.
Genre superhero
Script Martin Filchock
Pencils Martin Filchock
Inks Martin Filchock
Letters Martin Filchock

7 page Dash Dartwell story "Butch! We're gonna burn! I know it!"

Characters Dash Dartwell; Slug (Villain); Butch (Villain); Lois Moss
Synopsis Butch has his gang try to steal Dash Dartwell's speed pills so they can try to break him out of jail.
Genre Superhero
Script Harry Francis Campbell (?)
Pencils Harry Francis Campbell (?)
Inks Harry Francis Campbell (?)
Notes Last appeared in AMAZING MAN COMICS #22. Last appearance. Comic lists "by Harry Francis Campbell", unclear if that's pseudonym or not.

2 page Another Amazing-Man Adventure text story "Phantom Tracks"

Script Duke Carey
Letters Typeset
Notes Text story with illustration.

7 page The Voice story "The Voice, A Man of a Thousand Mysteries..."

Characters The Voice [Dan Lang]
Synopsis The Voice stops a gang from tunnelling into a bank vault.
Genre Superhero
Script Michael Mirando
Pencils Michael Mirando
Inks Michael Mirando
Notes Last appeared in AMAZING MAN COMICS #22. This is the last appearance of the character. Credit is listed as "by Michael Mirando" so unclear if that is pencil/ink or writing or both.

6 page Reef Kinkaid story "Reef Kinkaid, adventurer and soldier of fortune, is enjoying..."

Characters Reef Kinkaid; Don Carlos Alvarez; Alacio Mirandos; Jose
Synopsis Reef Kinkaid solves the mystery of Don Carlos Alvarez and his haunted mansion.
Genre Adventure
Script Bob Lubbers (signed)
Pencils Bob Lubbers (signed)
Inks Bob Lubbers (signed)

7 page Iron Skull story "Let's Go Gang... C'Mon step on it!"

Characters Iron Skull; Detective Vic Noto; Castles; Neiser (Bank President)
Synopsis The Iron Skull stops a bank robbery and then discovers the identity of the inside man on the job.
Genre Superhero
Script Al Bryant (signed)
Pencils Al Bryant (signed)
Inks Al Bryant (signed)
Notes Last appeared in AMAZING-MAN COMICS #22

1 page filler "An Amazing Man"

Characters Benjamin Franklin
Synopsis Facts on the life of Benjamin Franklin.
Genre Fact
Script Joseph A Kaliff (signed)
Pencils Joseph A Kaliff (signed)
Inks Joseph A Kaliff (signed)

1 page Stamps text article

Synopsis Information on stamp collecting.
Letters Typeset
Notes Inside Back Cover.