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Issue Details

Issue #76
Published January 1948
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 52
Editing Whitney Ellsworth (credited), Jack Schiff (actual)
Notes Revised cover credits verified by Craig Delich (October, 2005) [former artist was Winslow Mortimer].

Cover Details - "The Fence"

Characters Robin [Dick Grayson]
Genre superhero
Pencils Jim Mooney
Inks Jim Mooney
Notes Revised cover credits from Mortimer to Mooney verified by Craig Delich (October, 2005).
Reprinted in Robin Archives (DC, 2005 series) #1

10 page Robin story "A Bicycle Built for Loot!"

Characters Robin [Dick Grayson]; the Fence [Nick Dropps] (villain, introduction)
Synopsis When the Best Bicycle Company gives away 25 bikes to local high school athletes, they become the target of a master criminal known as the Fence, knowing that one of them holds a fortune in gems inside.
Genre superhero
Script Bill Finger
Pencils Jim Mooney [as Bob Kane] (signed)
Inks Jim Mooney [as Bob Kane] (signed)
Notes Revised artist credits from Burnley to Mooney verified by Craig Delich (October, 2005) Splash is a partially altered version of the cover.
Reprinted in Robin Archives (DC, 2005 series) #1

6 page Robotman story "Cons, Crime & Coffee"

Characters Robotman [Robert Crane, aka Paul Dennis]
Genre superhero
Pencils Jimmy Thompson
Inks Jimmy Thompson
Letters Jimmy Thompson

5 page Penniless Palmer story "The Puzzle of the Pilfered Saturday"

Characters Penniless Palmer
Genre humor
Pencils Stan Kaye
Inks Stan Kaye

7 page Star-Spangled Kid story "The Battle of the Century"

Characters Star Spangled Kid [Sylvester Pemberton]; Stripesy [Pat Dugan]
Genre superhero
Pencils Winslow Mortimer
Inks Winslow Mortimer

9 page Tomahawk story "The Firebug of Silver City"

Characters Tomahawk [Tom Hawk]
Genre western; period
Pencils Fred Ray
Inks Fred Ray