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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published September - November 1963
Cover Price 0.12
Pages 36
Editing Don Arneson

Cover Details - "A Fantastic Scheme to Conquer Earth..."

Characters Brain Boy
Genre superhero; fantasy
Pencils Vic Prezio (painted)
Inks Vic Prezio (painted)
Colors Vic Prezio (painted)

1 page story "Escape"

Pencils Frank Springer
Inks Frank Springer
Notes Inside front cover.

27 page Brain Boy story "The Mindless Ones"

Characters Brain Boy [Matt Price]; Chris Ambers; Carl Cherman; townspeople; lumberjacks; Old PM
Synopsis Matt Price, nicknamed "Brain Boy", seems like an average young man, but is actually a powerful telepath/telekinetic employed by the US Secret Service's "last line of counter-intelligence." Yet his latest assignment is to take a vacation!.. In the Canadian village of Boondocks, Matt meets glassy-eyed locals who mumble, "The lake is very beautiful... Swim in the lake... Very refreshing..." Vowing to stay out of trouble, Brain Boy finds his car blocked by a tree. Diverting through woods, he's seized by loggers burying someone. His mental command of "Freeze, solid!" is useless because their minds are blank! They can only think of the lake. When BB mentions the lake, they let him go. But locals at the lodge are just as loony, insisting he swim in the green-glowing lake. When BB goes boating, citizens plunge in to pull him in! Matt flies to escape, but finds his car disabled. He's surrounded by locals with weapons. Forced, he dips in the lake. It tingles, and floods his mind with peace. Recognizing powerful mind-control, Matt fights but pretends to succumb. The locals relate how Old PM found a globe. BB is led, a "Servant of the Lake", to a spaceship! The ship contains water filled with microscopic aliens, the Eerown. Old PM poured alien water into the lake to enslave the locals. They're ready to conquer Canada, then the world! In the lodge, BB experiments on lake water with household chemicals and poisons, but nothing kills them - until he knocks the radio into the bucket. Electricity kills the green glow! Matt splices wires to make an extension cord. Fighting exhaustion, Matt levitates over the lake, and drops the radio in. "A billion whispering screams" assault his mind, then the locals awake "as if from a dream". Searching, they find the spaceship empty, the water spilled on the ground, and Matt sleeping! "No more vacations for me... They're too dangerous..."
Genre Superhero; science fiction
Script Herb Castle
Pencils Frank Springer
Inks Frank Springer
Notes This story is a Cold War analogy akin to "Commies from Mars". Fears of Communist brainwashing and mind control were common, as seen in movies such as "The Manchurian Candidate."

1 page text story "The Devil Worshipper"

Letters typeset

4 page Mr. Ozymandias story "Devil's Acres"

Characters Mr. Ozymandias; a guru.
Synopsis Mr. Ozymandias spent time in a Tibetan Lamasery learning magic... A crazed guru invokes a spell with animal sacrifice to grow a jungle on barren land. Mr. Oz breaks into a library to research the spell. As the weird jungle grows, the air grows foul, and could endanger the Earth. Mr. Oz chants a counter-spell to make the jungle wither. The guru is found dead, victim of a spell he never understood.
Genre Occult
Pencils Frank Springer
Inks Frank Springer
Notes "Ozymandias" comes from a poem by Percy Shelley about a forgotten emperor.