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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published November 1940
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing ?

Cover Details

Genre Adventure
Pencils Sam Gilman (signed)
Inks Sam Gilman

10 page Super Spy story "Case of the Elusive Code"

Characters Super Spy
Synopsis Our plans are falling into enemy hands day after day.....
Genre Adventure
Pencils Sam Gilman (signed)
Inks Sam Gilman

7 page S. S. Swanson story

Characters Shorty S. Swanson
Synopsis Flash: two mysterious planes have been attacking merchant vessels and robbing them of their gold bullion and fuel oil-the attack in mid-ocean and disappear.
Genre Adventure
Pencils Lew Glanz (Signed)
Inks Lew Glanz

7 page Inner Circle story "The Case of the Native Spies"

Characters Selkirk
Synopsis In Buhtan we find a motorcycle speeding toward the Bentley home.....
Genre Adventure

7 page story "The Drew Ghost"

Synopsis Dirk Davis and his wife Betty decide to go see an old house left them by a distant relative.
Genre Adventure

2 page Laughits filler

Synopsis centerfold pages of jokes with illos
Genre Humor

6 page Night Hawk story

Synopsis Hold on there son--jus' stay where you are'
Genre Western
Pencils Paul Gustavson (signed)
Inks Paul Gustavson
Notes I: Night Hawk (only appearance?)

6 page Dean Denton story "The Case of the Conqueror's Counterfeits"

Characters Dean Denton
Synopsis Dean retiring from his career as radio's highest paid ventriloquist has devoted himself to helping humanity through science
Genre Adventure
Pencils Harry Francis Campbell (signed)
Inks Harry Francis Campbell

7 page Tim Blain story "The Dope Ring"

Characters Tim Blain
Synopsis Tim Blain, private detective has been called up from the coast to investigate a gang which has been suspected of running a dope ring.
Genre Adventure
Pencils Stanley Drake (signed)
Inks Stanley Drake

4 page story "Gentlemen of Misfortune"

Synopsis At the northern tip of South America in a seculuded river mouth lie a strange cargo ship and along side it a foreign submarine.
Genre Adventure
Pencils Harold Hughes (signed)
Inks Harold Hughes

7 page "Duke" Collins The Fearless Marine story

Characters "Duke" Collins
Synopsis Col Collins the squadron is ready for inspection
Genre Adventure
Pencils R. C. Fuller (signed)
Inks R. C. Fuller

1 page Super Spies filler

Synopsis various spies in history
Genre fact; spy
Pencils Joseph A. Kaliff (signed)
Inks Joseph A. Kaliff