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Issue Details

Issue #70
Published February 1949
Frequency every other month
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Ned Pines

Cover Details

Characters Princess Pantha
Pencils Alex Schomburg
Inks Alex Schomburg

10 page Princess Pantha story "Mountains of Doom!"

Pencils Art Saaf
Inks Art Saaf

5 page Stories From the D.A. File story "The Killer Who Couldn't Stop"

Characters Harry Bruckner (killer)
Notes last appearance

2 page Princess Pantha text story "The Fisher Folk"

Genre jungle
Script Charles S. Strong
Letters typeset

7 page Kathy story "Facial Follies!"

1 page text article "Portrait of a Winner"

Letters typeset
Notes a True story; a Traveler's Aid experience

10 page The Phantom Detective story "Case of the Luckless Gambler!"

Characters Richard van Loan [The Phantom Detective]; Frank Havens (editor; van Loan's confidant); Monty Gregor (big-time gambler)
Pencils George Tuska?
Inks George Tuska?
Notes last appearance

4 page The Marine Story story "The Sword of the Mamelukes"

Characters Yussuf Karamelli, the Pasha of Tripoli
Genre war
Pencils Rafael Astarita

7 page Looie Lazybones story "Holiday in Hogbite Holler!"

Characters Terrible Tuzzlewit Brothers; Looie Lazybones; Doolittle; Clarabelle Bettlepatch; Gram'Paw
Synopsis Clarabelle invites the Terrible Tuzzlewit Brothers over for dinner for National Food Week.
Genre Humor
Pencils Frank Frazetta
Inks Frank Frazetta
Notes Title: Added by Greg Theakston, 2002-05-29 (Per Sandell ed.)
Reprinted in Good Girl Art Quarterly (AC, 1990 series) #[1]

1 page filler "Texas Mascot"

Characters Johnny Camera (adopted Italian orphan)