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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published March 1952
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing ?
Notes Photo Cover

Cover Details - "Sheltered by love, our future held only happiness ..."

Genre Romance
Pencils ? (photo cover)
Letters Typeset
Notes Photo Cover

10 page story "Hearts Adrift"

Characters Tom Gerard; Sally Gerard
Synopsis Sally and Tom are married but Tom is in the Navy and away from home often and for very long. Sally does not suffer his absences well and tries anything to bring Tom back ... until she chins up and keeps busy while Tom is away. With Sally finally happier, the couple experiences a second honeymoon.
Genre Romance

7 page story "I Made Believe ..."

Characters Carol Smith; Scott Winters
Synopsis Carol's childhood is marred by her father's arrest and imprisonment for embezzlement. She leaves her small town and find a job at Scoop Magazine under an assumed name: Smith. There, she meets journalist Scott Winters who courts her. Carol hides her past but Scott persists until Carol reveals the truth and with Scott's help exonerates her father, just in time for their wedding.
Genre Romance

2 page text story "Love and Duty"

Characters Nancy Underhill; Bill Clayton
Genre Romance
Script Donald Bayne Hobart
Letters Typeset

3 page story "Tomtoms in my Heart"

Characters Matt Starbuck; Deborah Wayne; Zed
Synopsis Matt leaves Deborah to lead a wagon train through indian territory. The Apaches go on the warpath and Deborah despairs seeing Matt again, all the while being courted by Zed back in the stockade. Finally, Matt comes back wounded outside the stockade encircled by indians. Zed goes out to rescue Matt and thus allows Matt and Deborah to finally wed.
Genre Romance

1 page filler "Little False Face"

Synopsis The page contrasts Marge with another girl. While Marge is two-faced, the other girl is honest and then well-liked. "Being considerate is the ideal way to make a boy care ... for you!"
Genre Romance

8 page story "My Dream is You"

Characters Neil Hunter; Mary Drake
Synopsis Mary Drake helps out Neil Hunter gets seats in the theater and they strike up a friendship and love. Mary is 22 and Neil is ten years older. They face gossips from her friends and the disapproval of her parents. Neil tries to push Mary away for her sake until she realizes what he is doing. In the end, they decide to stay together.
Genre Romance