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Issue #7
Published July 1952
Frequency quarterly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Notes Indicia: TODAY’S ROMANCE, a magazine published quarterly and copyright 1952 by VISUAL EDITIONS, INC., 10 East 40th Street, New York 16, N.Y. In corresponding with this magazine, please be sure to include your local postal zone number, if any. Names of all characters used in cartoons, stories and articles are fictitious. If the name of any living person or existing institution is used, it is a coincidence. Manuscripts and drawings must be accompanied by self-addressed, stamped envelopes, and are submitted at the author's risk. No. 7, July, 1952. PRINTED IN THE U.S.A.

Cover Details

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6 page story "I Was No Angel"

Genre Romance

1 page filler "This Can't Be You!"

Notes Illustrated beauty and grooming tips

1 page filler "Moonlight and Problems"

Notes Illustrated dating and social etiquette tips

7 page story "Second-Best Love"

2 page text story "From Marilee...with Love "

Script ? [as Terry Hendryx]
Letters typeset

3 page story "Dutch Treat"

1 page filler "Table Tips"

Notes Illustrated dining and social etiquette tips

1 page filler "The Little Things"

Notes Illustrated social etiquette tips

6 page story "Lips That Lied"

2 page story "Love Problems"

1 page filler "Ride A Hobby Horse"

Notes Illustrated social etiquette and recreation tips