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Issue Details

Issue #27
Published May 1942
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Editing Harry Shorten
Notes Pearl Harbor issue

Cover Details

Pencils Al Camy
Inks Al Camy
Notes Pearl Harbor issue

13 page Black Hood story "The Story of Dinky Nolan"

Characters Dinky Nolan (Villain; Intro; Death); Nick Sarto (Villain; Intro; Death)
Script Harry Shorten
Pencils Al Camy
Inks Al Camy

11 page Wizard story "The Story of Randolph Blake"

Characters Randolph Blake (Intro; Death); Roger (Intro); Vivian Vance (Intro); Slicker Morgan (Villain; Intro; Death); Japanese (Villain)
Script Bill Woolfolk
Pencils Paul Reinman
Inks Paul Reinman
Notes Pearl Harbor attack shown in story; next app. in SHIELD / WIZARD COMICS #7

4 page Snoop McGook story "The Disappearance of Beppo the Horse: Part 2"

Characters Boss McGivern (Villain; Intro);
Pencils Carl Hubbell
Inks Carl Hubbell

5 page Keith Kornell story "The Slingshot Soldier"

Characters Lichee Wan (Intro); The Japanese (Villain)
Script Harry Shorten
Pencils Warren King
Inks Warren King
Notes last appearance

6 page Firefly story "The Coming of Sheba"

Characters Sheba (Villain; Intro)
Script Bill Woolfolk?
Pencils Warren King
Inks Warren King
Notes story unresolved; next app. in MIGHTY CRUSADERS #4 (1966)

6 page St. Louis Kid story "That's Right! It's the Golden Gloves!"

Characters Sammy Final (Intro); Carlton H. Hooble (Intro)
Script Bob Montana
Pencils Bob Montana
Inks Bob Montana
Notes last appearance

6 page Wings Johnson story "Episode In Canada"

Characters Cuffner (Villain; Intro); G-23 (Villain; Intro); Nazis (Villain)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Ed Smalle
Inks Ed Smalle
Notes last appearance

6 page biography (nonfictional) "Wright Brothers"

Characters Wilbur Wright; Orville Wright
Synopsis Bio of Wilbur and Orville Wright.
Pencils Warren King?
Inks Warren King?

5 page Kardak story "The Draft Dodger"

Characters Johnny Walters (Intro); Mrs. Walters (Intro); The Japanese (Villain)
Pencils Jim Phillips
Inks Jim Phillips