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Issue Details

Issue #18
Published November 1942
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing ?

Cover Details

6 page The General from Annapolis story

6 page Battling Bill of the Merchant Marine story

3 page The Most Famous School in the World story

6 page Stories Behind Cards story

5 page Lord of Canada's West story

7 page Breaking the Caribbean Spy Ring: The Capture of the King of Belize story

6 page story "Discovery and Exploration, 1000-1700"

Script David S. Muzzey

1 page filler "Is It True?"

Script Natalie Purvin Prager

6 page King of the Big Top story

1 page True's Movie Guide filler

1 page The First Football Game filler

Synopsis Rutgers vs Princeton

6 page Doughboy's Holiday story

1 page Poll of Junior Public Opinion filler

Half page Truly Comic! filler

Half page How Good is Your Memory? filler

5 page Wake Island story

3 page Desert Driver story