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Issue Details

Issue #23
Published August 1954
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "Ask No Questions!"

Genre horror
Pencils Russ Heath (signed)
Inks Russ Heath (signed)
Notes Observation regarding the signed cover from Chris Brown, via the GCD Error List (2 January 2005).

5 page story "The Hidden Graveyard"

Synopsis Explorers come upon an Elephant's graveyard deep in the jungle that is occupied by a monster with no eyes. It grabs one of the men and devours him. The other two retreat, but are unwilling to give up on all that ivory. One man explains to the other that the monster finds its prey by sense of smell and so convinces his partner to approach the creature while he circles around behind it with the rifle. His partner agrees, as he knows the other man is the better shot, but the rifleman intends to betray him so he won't have to split the fortune. He waits until the unfortunate man has been attacked and in the process of being eaten and then creeps up behind the creature to shoot it. Suddenly, its arm lashes out and knocks the rifle away. The monster seizes him, and he realizes that it did have the back of its head.
Genre Horror
Pencils Bob Forgione
Inks Bob Forgione
Reprinted in Dead of Night (Marvel, 1973 series) #3 April 1974

5 page story "The Lucky Stiff"

Synopsis A tramp doing odd jobs for money polishes the casket of a wealthy man and instead of money receives a beat-up overcoat that belonged to the deceased from the funeral director. He is angry at first until he discovers money stuffed into the pockets. The trick seems to be though, that he only has money wearing the shabby coat. If he takes it off, the money vanishes. When he tries to acquire food at fancy restaurants, they refuse him service. When he tries diners, they refuse to accept his money because, after one look at him, they think it's fake. He starves to death, but the money found on his body pays for a fancy casket, and the tramp who polishes it receives the shabby overcoat in lieu of payment.
Pencils Paul Hodge
Inks Paul Hodge

2 page text story "The Real Nurse Kearney"

Letters typeset
Notes illustration by Jack Katz

5 page story "Look Homeward, Werewolf"

Synopsis A werewolf hires a boatman to get him across the river but warns the man that water causes a violent reaction among his kind and if a single drop touch him, his life is forfeit. The boatman agrees, as he claims to be the best boatman for miles around and will have no problem keeping the werewolf dry. They cross the river without incident, but then it starts to...rain.
Pencils Mort Lawrence
Inks Mort Lawrence

4 page story "Smile, Blast Ya, Smile"

Synopsis An editor for a science fiction publication is in danger of losing his job to a man who always smiles. The boss likes his story picks and so do the readers. When circulation rises the editor is fired and turns to drink. He attacks his former assistant with a knife, shredding the smiling mask, revealing the alien underneath. No one believes him and he is placed in an asylum.
Pencils Bob McCarthy
Inks Bob McCarthy

3 page story "Ask Me No Questions"

Synopsis A father thinks his son asks him silly questions and so he gives him silly answers which annoys his mother. When the boy asks him where he came from, the father replies "The stork brought you." The boy asks "How did the stork know where to bring me?" The father replies "I blew my magic whistle" (which is a hunter's moose horn). The boy takes the horn outside and blows it and when the father goes to retrieve it, he sees dozens of storks delivering dozens of babies.
Pencils Sheldon Moldoff
Inks Sheldon Moldoff