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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published August 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Editing ?

Cover Details

Pencils Bill Everett
Inks Bill Everett

12 page Conqueror story "The Coming of the Conqueror"

Characters The Conqueror (Intro); Rumonovich (Intro); Gen. Eitel (Villain; Intro); Varna Bari (Villain; Intro); Nazis (Villain)
Script Bill Everett
Pencils Bill Everett
Inks Bill Everett
Letters Bill Everett

8 page Bomber Burns story "Flaming Death"

Characters The Firebrand [Jack "Bomber" Burns] (Intro; Origin); Dave Matten (Intro; Death); Baron Von Siedoroff (Villain; Intro); Nazis (Intro)
Script Nathaniel Nitkin
Pencils Edd Ashe, Jr.
Inks Edd Ashe, Jr.
Letters Nathaniel Nitkin

7 page Sgt. Flagg story "The Dungeon of Death"

Characters Sgt. Flagg (Intro); Col. Marshall (Intro); Bob Baxter (Intrl); The Japanese (Villain)
Script John Daly
Pencils Joseph Piazzo
Inks Joseph Piazzo
Letters John Daly

3 page Homicide Hank story "Hank Joins the Horse Marines"

Characters Homicide Hank (Intro)
Script Jack A. Warren
Pencils Jack A. Warren
Inks Jack A. Warren
Letters Jack A. Warren

2 page text story "The Conqueror Confesses"

Characters The Conqueror (Origin part 1); Professor James Norton (Intro)
Script Gilbert James
Letters Typeset

7 page Steel Shark story "Death In the Deep Sea"

Characters Lt. Bob Steel (Intro); Nazis (Villain)
Script Paul Quinn
Pencils Harry Anderson
Inks Harry Anderson
Letters Paul Quinn
Notes Steel Shark is an American sub, not related to the strip in ROCKET COMICS.

7 page Spade of the Secret Service story "The Queen of Hearts"

Characters Spade (Intro); General Briggs (Intro); Franklin D. Roosevelt (Guest Appearance); Queen of Hearts (Villain; Intro); General Briggs Imposter (Villain; Intro)
Script Harry Campbell
Pencils Harry Campbell
Inks Harry Campbell
Letters Harry Campbell

6 page Private Parker story "The Mechanized Death"

Characters Private Parker (Intro); Corporal Crumb (Intro); Ian (Villain; Intro); Otto (Villain; Intro); Otto's accomplice (Villain; Intro)
Script George Kapitan
Pencils Emil Gershwin
Inks Emil Gershwin
Letters George Kapitan

10 page Crusader story "The Graydon Castle Mystery"

Characters The Crusader (Intro); Ruth Graydon (Intro); Carl Meyer (Villain; Intro)
Script Kermit Jaedicker
Pencils George Mandel
Inks George Mandel
Colors Kermit Jaedicker