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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published February 1937
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing William Cook ?
Notes Story descriptions that follow are taken from the contents page.

Cover Details

Pencils Bill Allison
Inks Bill Allison

1 page credits "Table of Contents"

7 page story "Treachery On The Trail"

Synopsis A white renegade plotted trouble.
Script H. Mulheim
Pencils H. Mulheim
Inks H. Mulheim

7 page Windy Parks story "Windy Parks' Kettle Of Gold"

Synopsis An old-timer spins a yarn that's too good to be true
Script Victor Dowling
Pencils Victor Dowling
Inks Victor Dowling

2 page text story "Weapons Of The West"

Synopsis Plain talk from a straight-shooter.
Script Bill Allison [as W. M. Allison]
Pencils Bill Allison [as W. M. Allison]
Inks Bill Allison [as W. M. Allison]
Letters Typeset

7 page Phantom of the Hills story "Guns Of Revenge"

Synopsis The "Phantom of the Hills" talks with six-guns.
Script Arthur Pinajian
Pencils Arthur Pinajian
Inks Arthur Pinajian

7 page story "Blood And Iron"

Synopsis Lanky, a railroad scout, knew how to deal with a bad man.
Script H. David
Pencils W. A. Allison
Inks W. A. Allison
Notes Original indexer may have meant Bill Allison [as W. M. Allison] rather than W. A. Allison.

2 page illustration "A Tense Moment"

Genre western
Script Rodney Thompson
Pencils Rodney Thompson
Inks Rodney Thompson
Notes Centerfold drawn especially for Western Picture Stories.

7 page 'Wild Tex' Martin story "Top Hand"

Synopsis Blood flows when a "sheep" man meets a "cattle" man.
Script Will Eisner
Pencils Will Eisner
Inks Will Eisner
Reprinted in Keen Detective Funnies (Centaur, 1938 series) #v1#9; in Art of Will Eisner, The (Kitchen Sink Press, Inc., 1982 series) #1 [1/3 page only]

7 page text story "A Killer's Conscience"

Synopsis Rattlesnake was known as a killer-and proved it.
Script Tom McNamara [as G. G. Lewis]
Pencils Tom McNamara [as G. G. Lewis]
Inks Tom McNamara [as G. G. Lewis]
Letters Typeset

2 page text article "Famous Frontiersmen"

Synopsis Buffalo Bill Cody. The first of a series.
Script Ray Burley
Pencils Ray Burley
Inks Ray Burley
Letters Typeset
Notes Text and illustrations.

7 page Tex Maverick story "The Lucifer Trail"

Synopsis Western justice shoots first and talks later.
Script Milt Wilcox
Pencils Milt Wilcox
Inks Milt Wilcox

7 page story "Tracks In The Snow"

Synopsis In the Northwest the poacher doesn't stand a chance.
Script H.L. Hastings
Pencils H.L. Hastings
Inks H.L. Hastings

1 page illustration "Punchers"

Synopsis Homeward bound on the prairie.
Script Bill Allison [as W. M. Allison]
Pencils Bill Allison [as W. M. Allison]
Inks Bill Allison [as W. M. Allison]
Notes Data taken from Howard Keltner's Golden Age Index & the existing GCD index. Color illustration. No text except for title and art credit.