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Issue Details

Issue #1
Published November 1940
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD; 0.15 CAD
Pages 68
Editing ?
Notes November, 1940. Number 1. WHAM COMICS is published monthly by Centaur Publications, Inc., 221 East 20th St., Chicago, Illinois. Editorial and Executive Offices: 215 Fourth Ave., New York, N. Y. Application for entry as second class matter at the Post Office at Chicago, Ill., pending. Single copies 10c; 15c in Canada. Yearly subscription $1.00 in the U.S.A. (other countries $1.50). Copyright 1940 by Centaur Publications, Inc. Contents must not be reproduced without permission. No actual person is named or delineated in this fiction magazine. Printed in the U.S.A.

Cover Details - "Read about Craig Carter and his Magic Ring"

Characters Craig Carter; Zeus
Genre superhero
Pencils Eddie Robbins [as Robin] (signed)
Inks Eddie Robbins [as Robin] (signed)
Letters typeset

Half page Tatham Stamp Co. advertisement "The Stamp Album"

Letters ?; typeset
Notes Upper half of inside front cover.

Half page Super-Mystery Comics; Sure-Fire Comics advertisement "Two of a Kind and Both Aces!"

Genre superhero
Pencils Harry Lucey ?; ?
Inks Harry Lucey ?; ?
Letters ?; typeset
Notes Lower half of the inside front cover. Reproduces in black and white all or parts of the covers to Sure Fire Comics (Ace Magazines, 1940 series) #v1#3[a] and Super-Mystery Comics (Ace Magazines, 1940 series) #v1#3. Note that there is no mention whatsoever of the publisher of either book.

10 page Craig Carter story "Craig Carter and the Magic Ring"

Characters Craig Carter (introduction); Nikky Darnier (introduction); Professor Darnier (Nikky's father, introduction); Zeus; Mercury; Pegasus
Synopsis Craig declares to his girlfriend that he wants to become a crime fighter. He discovers that an Egyptian named Aben Toumaj whose life he once saved has given him a magical ring that commands the (Greek) gods (although Thor is also mentioned). When thieves steal the formula for a powerful acid from Nikky's father, Craig gets his first case!
Script Eddie Robbins
Pencils Eddie Robbins
Inks Eddie Robbins
Notes Credits from Who's Who.

7 page Sparkler story "There's a nice quiet looking town."

Characters The Sparkler [Red Morgan]; Madge Sherman (introduction)
Synopsis The Sparkler stops in a supposedly quiet town where two mobs are fighting for control.
Script John F. Kolb (signed)
Pencils John F. Kolb (signed)
Inks John F. Kolb (signed)
Notes last appeared in Super Spy (Centaur, 1940 series) #1 Writing credit from Who's Who.

8 page Copper Slugg story "Stop thief"

Characters Copper Slugg; Police Chief
Synopsis Slugg needs to learn to control his fists, but even though he gets suspended he still catches the crooks.
Pencils Martin Filchock (signed)
Inks Martin Filchock (signed)

6 page Phantom Rider story "Lin Wade, top waddy of the "Lazy Ranch", heads for town on an after round-up holiday."

Characters Phantom Rider; Thunder (his horse)
Synopsis The Phantom Rider saves a man who was framed for murder when he pulled his gun but did not shoot it.
Genre western
Pencils A. L. Petersen (signed)
Inks A. L. Petersen (signed)
Notes last appeared in Funny Pages (Centaur, 1936 series) #34; last appearance

2 page text story The Mystery of the "Circle-X"

Genre western
Script Ray Gill
Letters typeset

6 page Speed Silvers story "Along a southern route from California..."

Characters Speed Silvers; Mike Muldoon
Synopsis Mike reminisces to Speed about the old days of the railroad and wishes they'd get robbed, and then they do.
Genre adventure
Pencils Paul Gustavson (signed)
Inks Paul Gustavson (signed)
Notes last appeared in Amazing Adventure Funnies (Centaur, 1940 series) #2; last appearance

8 page Jon Linton story "I'll bet the Nogos steal our dinosaur idea, Jon!"

Characters Jon Linton; Dr. Kane; Lisa Kane; Alpha-712
Synopsis After Jon helps Alpha defeat the Nogos, he and the Kanes journey back to the 3rd dimension and Earth. To their surprise, Alpha joins them en route and explains that they may have travelled in time as well as space. They arrive in 1940, sixty years before their time, and are greeted with suspicion and disbelief.
Genre science fiction
Script Harry Francis Campbell (signed)
Pencils Harry Francis Campbell (signed)
Inks Harry Francis Campbell (signed)
Notes last appeared in Amazing Mystery Funnies (Centaur, 1938 series) #23; last appearance Writing credit from Who's Who. The story ends fairly abruptly, and there appears to be a box for a "continued next issue" blurb, but it is blank and the feature did not appear in issue #2.

1 page Album of Famous Animals biography (nonfictional) "Togo", Hero of the Alaskan Trail

Genre fact
Script Roy Humprhies ?
Pencils Roy Humphries (signed)
Inks Roy Humphries (signed)
Notes Who's Who lists Humphries as both a writer and artist, but only lists him as doing pencils inks for "filler" at Centaur.

10 page Speed Centaur story "With Reel trying to scoop the newspaper world..."

Characters Speed Centaur; Jerry "Reel" McCoy
Synopsis Speed takes Reel to see the ruined city of his people, but they are captured by hostile humans who have taken up residence there.
Genre superhero
Pencils Malcolm Kildale (signed)
Inks Malcolm Kildale (signed)
Notes last appeared in Amazing Mystery Funnies (Centaur, 1938 series) #24; last appearance

5 page Detecto story "After all my tiresome research I have finally succeeded..."

Characters Jack Strand (discoverer of the Detecto beam)
Synopsis Scientist Jack Strand discovers "detecto", the wonder beam, and installs it in his car. When he hears of a dangerous criminal on the loose, Jack pursues him and captures him using detecto.
Genre superhero
Pencils Albert Tyler [as Al-Bert] (signed)
Inks John Belfi (signed)
Notes Jerry Bails's Who's Who lists Belfi as pen/ink and doesn't mention Tyler, but Tyler's other credits are always pen/ink while Belfi has a number of purely inker credits. Also, Tyler [as Al-Bert] is first in the signature, but it's possible that duties were shared or reversed.

1 page Amazing Facts biography (nonfictional) "Did you know that? Andrew Johnson"

Genre fact
Script Joseph A. Kaliff (signed)
Pencils Joseph A. Kaliff (signed)
Inks Joseph A. Kaliff (signed)
Notes Writing credit from Who's Who.

1 page Remington Noiseless Deluxe Portable Typewriter advertisement "This Beautiful Desk for only $1.00"

Letters typeset
Notes Inside back cover.

1 page Johnson Smith & Company advertisement "Boys! Girls! Have you seen our new 1941 catalog?"

Letters typeset
Notes Back cover.