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Issue Details

Issue #357
Published Early September 1989
Frequency Monthly
Cover Price 1.00 USD; 1.25 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Ralph Macchio; Marc Siry (Assistant Editor); Tom DeFalco (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details - "The Bloodstone Hunt Part 1 of 6"

Characters Baron Zemo [Helmut Zemo]; Batroc; Zaran; Machete; Captain America [Steve Rogers] (inset); Sisters of Sin (inset)
Genre superhero
Pencils Kieron Dwyer (signed)
Inks Kieron Dwyer (signed)
Notes Signature dated 1989.

12 page Captain America story "Night of Sin"

Characters Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Mother Night (villain); Malachi [Melvin Scarbo] (villain); Sisters of Sin [Torso; Sin; Slash; Hoodwink; Raunch] (villains); Bernie Rosenthal; Sersi
Synopsis Cap, de-aged, has to ward off the Sisters of Sin.
Genre superhero
Script Mark Gruenwald
Pencils Al Milgrom
Inks Al Milgrom
Colors ? [as J. Schmoe]
Letters John Morelli [as Jack Morelli]

10 page Captain America story "The Bloodstone Hunt"

Characters Baron Zemo [Helmut Zemo] (villain); Batroc (villain); Zaran (villain); Machete (villain); Tristram Macawber (villain); Ulysses Bloodstone (origin; in flashback; Bloodstone appears as a skeleton); Diamondback [Rachel Leighton]
Synopsis Led by Baron Zemo, the villains steal the corpse of Ulysses Bloodstone, hoping it will lead them to the various fragments of the stone. Diamondback overhears and is taken prisoner.
Genre superhero
Script Mark Gruenwald
Pencils Kieron Dwyer
Inks Al Milgrom
Colors Greg Wright
Letters John Morelli [as Jack Morelli]
Notes Part 1 of The Bloodstone Hunt.

1 page letters page "American Graffiti"

Letters typeset
Notes Letters of comment from reader Don Lambert Jr. and Scott Tipton. Page also holds a Marvel Assistant Editors Fan Awards for 1988 box and the Comic Buyer's Guide Fan Awards for 1988 ballot.