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Issue Details

Issue #358
Published Late September 1989
Frequency monthly except fortnightly June, July, and August
Cover Price 1.00 USD; 1.25 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Ralph Macchio; Marc Siry (Assistant Editor); Tom DeFalco (Editor-in-Chief)

Cover Details - "The Bloodstone Hunt Part 2 of 6 To Rescue Diamondback, Cap Enters the Caverns of Death!"

Characters Captain America [Steve Rogers]
Genre superhero
Pencils Kieron Dwyer (signed)
Inks Al Milgrom (signed)
Notes Signature dated 1989.

17 page Captain America story "Bones of Contention"

Characters Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Diamondback [Rachel Leighton]; John Jameson; Michael O'Brien; Fabian Stankovitz; Ulysses Bloodstone (corpse; on computer screen); Baron Zemo [Helmut Zemo] (villain); Batroc (villain); Machete (villain); Zaran (villain); an Inca priest (first appearance; villain)
Synopsis Using the skull of Ulysses Bloodstone, Cap and Diamondback track the next stone to an Incan temple.
Genre superhero
Script Kieron Dwyer (Plot); Mark Gruenwald (Plot and Script)
Pencils Kieron Dwyer
Inks Danny Bulanadi
Colors Marc Siry
Letters John Morelli [as Jack Morelli]
Notes Part 2 of The Bloodstone Hunt.

6 page U.S. Agent story "The Night of the Scourge! Part One Siege"

Characters U.S. Agent; Scourge II (villain); Curtiss Jackson [Power Broker] (villain); Vagabond [Priscilla Lyons]; General Haywerth (on monitor)
Synopsis Scourge is laying siege on Curtiss Jackson, the man behind Power Broker, Inc., who gave dozens of people superpowers. USAgent is sent in to protect this "special contractor".
Genre superhero
Script Mark Gruenwald
Pencils Mark Bright
Inks Don Hudson
Colors Marc Siry
Letters John Morelli [as Jack Morelli]

1 page letters page "American Graffiti"

Letters typeset
Notes Letters of comment from readers Jeff "LW" Lacasse and David C. Zimmerman.