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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published February 1986
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 1.25 USD; 1.50 CAD; 0.50 GBP
Pages 52
Editing Louise Jones; Jim Shooter (editor-in-chief)
Notes Double-Sized Issue

Cover Details

Characters Longshot; Spiral; Mojo
Genre superhero
Pencils Arthur Adams
Inks Arthur Adams

41 page Longshot story "A Snake Coils..."

Characters Longshot; GUESTS: Ricochet Rita; Quark; Dr. Strange; Arize (flashback); Wong; VILLAINS: Spiral; Mojo
Synopsis Longshot, Dr. Strange and Quark return to Rita's house to find she has been turned into a hollow husk by the machinations of Mojo; With adoration being the fuel that enhances his power, Mojo sets up a church on earth and begins to brainwash followers; Longshot tracks him down but finds he cannot kill his former master, allowing him to escape; As they prepare to attack the Church of Mojo, Longshot has another origin flash and realizes that his purpose is to free the slaves of his world from servitude to the spineless ones; Longshot, Quark, Strange and Rita attack Mojo and Spiral; Realizing that Mojo is an anti-life entity whose existence on earth endangers it, Strange opens a portal back to Mojoworld and the villain falls through; Longshot and Rita decide to follow and lead a rebellion of his people against Mojo and the spineless ones.
Genre superhero
Script Ann Nocenti
Pencils Arthur Adams
Inks Whilce Portacio
Colors Christie Scheele
Letters Joe Rosen