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Issue Details

Issue #170
Published November 1990
Cover Price $1.00
Pages 36
Editing Jim Salicrup

Cover Details

Characters Spider-Man; Quasar; Sersi; She-Hulk; Thor; Captain America; Rocket Racer; Prowler: Puma; Sandman
Genre Superhero
Pencils Sal Buscema
Inks Sal Buscema

22 page Spider-Man story "The Final Calculation"

Characters Spider-Man; Prowler; Rocket Racer; Puma; SAndman; Quasar; Sersi; Thor; She-Hulk; Captain America; Space Phantom; Calculus
Synopsis A masquerading Space Phantom causes a battle between the Outlaws and the Avengers; the Phantom is captured and tells he is working for a master whose identity he does not know; the master is revealed to be Calculus of the Young Gods who orchestrated everything so that Spidey and the Avengers would defeat a swarm of cannibal insects
Genre Superhero
Script Gerry Conway
Pencils Sal Buscema
Inks Sal Buscema
Colors Bob Sharen
Letters Rick Parker
Notes Outlaws vs. Avengers