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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published March 1986
Cover Price 0.75 USD
Pages 36
Editing Bob Harras

Cover Details - "X-Factor Vs. the Mutant Menace of Tower!!"

Characters X-Factor [Cyclops; Jean Grey; Angel; Iceman]; Tower
Genre superhero
Pencils Mike Zeck (signed)
Inks Joe Rubinstein (signed)
Letters Typeset
Reprinted In Essential X-Factor (Marvel, 2005 series) #1

23 page X-Factor story "Bless the Beasts and Children"

Characters FEATURE: X-Factor--Cyclops; Jean Grey; Beast; Angel; Iceman; Rusty Collins; Artie (1st); GUEST: Cameron Hodge; Vera (Old girlfriend of Beast's); VILLAINS: Tower (1st); Carl Maddicks; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Magneto; Dark Phoenix
Synopsis Tower kidnaps Beast for Dr. Carl Maddicks who begins experiments on him. X-Factor searches for their friend.
Genre Superhero
Script Jackson Guice (Co-Plot); Bob Layton
Pencils Jackson Guice
Inks Joe Rubinstein
Colors Petra Scotese
Letters Joe Rosen
Reprinted In Essential X-Factor (Marvel, 2005 series) #1