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Issue Details

Issue #36
Published January 1989
Cover Price 1.00 USD
Pages 36
Editing Bob Harras; Daryl Edelman (Assistant)

Cover Details - "Inferno"

Characters Cyclops; Jean Grey; Beast; Iceman; Inferno Demons
Genre superhero
Pencils Walt Simonson
Inks Walt Simonson
Letters Typeset
Reprinted In X-Men: Inferno (Marvel, 1996 series) #[nn]

23 page X-Factor story "Transformations!"

Characters FEATURE: X-Factor--Cyclops; Jean Grey; Beast; Archangel; Iceman; GUEST: Trish Tilby; VILLAINS: N'astirh; Crotus; Inferno Demons; CAMEOS: Goblin Queen [Madelyne Pryor]; Cameron Hodge; Candy Southern (Dead); Nathan Christopher Summers; Calvin and Hobbes
Synopsis Inferno begins and X-Factor has their hands full as New York City is crazy with demons; Through the chaos, Cyclops and Jean try to locate Nathan Christopher; With Candy dead, Archangel returns to the team.
Genre Superhero
Script Louise Simonson
Pencils Walt Simonson
Inks Bob Wiacek
Colors Petra Scotese
Letters Joe Rosen
Notes Inferno Crossover
Reprinted In X-Men: Inferno (Marvel, 1996 series) #[nn]