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Issue Details

Issue #348
Published October 1997
Cover Price 1.99
Pages 46
Editing Jason Liebig (Assistant); Mark Powers (Associate); Bob Harras (Chief)
Notes Gatefold Marvel Universe Guide cover

Cover Details - "Divided They Shall Fall!"

Characters Rogue; Gambit
Genre superhero
Pencils Joe Madureira
Notes Gatefold Marvel Universe Guide cover

2 page X-Men recap "Meet The Uncanny X-Men"

Characters Rogue; Gambit; Joseph; Bishop; Beast; Deathbird; Spat; Grovel
Genre superhero
Pencils Various
Inks Various
Letters Typeset
Notes Profiles for the characters in the story and synopsis

22 page The Uncanny X-Men story "Because, I Said So"

Characters Joseph; Rogue; Gambit; Bishop; Beast; Archangel; Psylocke; Spat; Grovel; Nanny; Trish Tilby; Deathbird; Spider-Man (cameo)
Genre superhero
Script Scott Lobdell
Pencils Joe Madureira
Inks Tim Townsend; Jon Holdredge; Al Vey
Colors Digital Chameleon
Letters Richard Starkings; Comicraft; Kolja Fuchs
Reprinted in Incredibili X-Men, Gli (Marvel Italia, 1994 series) #99