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Issue Details

Issue #426
Published August 2003
Cover Price US$ 2.25
Pages 44
Editing Mike Marts

Cover Details

Characters Polaris
Genre Superhero
Pencils Randy Green
Inks Rick Ketcham
Colors Brian Haberlin
Letters Typeset

21 page X-Men story "Sacred Vows Part Two"

Characters Features: Havok; Polaris; Iceman; Juggernaut; Husk; Guest Stars: Annie; Carter; Jubilee; Cyclops; Jean Grey
Synopsis Polaris goes over the edge and tries to kill Havok and Annie.
Genre Superhero
Script Chuck Austen
Pencils Philip Tan
Inks Philip Tan
Colors Avalon Studios
Letters Virtual Calligraphy's Russ Wooten
Reprinted in Uncanny X-Men: Holy War (Marvel, 2003 series) #[nn]