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Issue Details

Issue #38
Published March 1989
Cover Price 1.50 USD
Pages 52
Editing Bob Harras; Daryl Edelman (Assistant)

Cover Details - "Inferno"

Characters Jean Grey; Goblin Queen [Madelyne Pryor]; Cyclops
Genre superhero
Pencils Walt Simonson
Inks Walt Simonson
Letters Typeset
Reprinted In X-Men: Inferno (Marvel, 1996 series) #[nn]

41 page X-Factor story "Duet!"

Characters FEATURE: X-Factor--Cyclops; Jean Grey; Beast; Archangel; Iceman; GUESTS: Nathan Christopher Summers; John Grey; Elaine Grey; X-Men--Storm; Wolverine; Havok; Colossus; Rogue; Psylocke; Longshot; Dazzler; VILLAINS: Goblin Queen [Madelyne Pryor] (origin and death); Inferno Demons; CAMEO FLASHBACK: Mr. Sinister; Scalphunter; Harpoon; Prism; Roma
Synopsis Under the influence of the Goblin Queen, the X-Men and X-Factor renew their conflict with each other; Jean and Maddie battle as Maddie reveals that she is a clone of Jean Grey created by Mr. Sinister and brought to life by a small fraction of the power of the Phoenix; When the Goblin Queen releases the Phoenix to kill Nathan Christopher and open a doorway to Limbo, Jean is able to absorb the Phoenix force away from the Goblin Queen but, as this is what was powering Maddie's life, she dies; New York returns to normal and the Inferno is quenched; With Nathan Christopher safe, Jean's parents restored to their human form and the Goblin Queen dead, the X-Men and X-Factor vow to track down Mr. Sinister and make him pay for his hand the plot.
Genre superhero
Script Louise Simonson
Pencils Walt Simonson
Inks Allen Milgrom
Colors Tom Vincent
Letters Joe Rosen
Notes Inferno crossover; Cont. from Uncanny X-Men #242; Cont. in Uncanny X-Men #243
Reprinted in X-Men: Inferno (Marvel, 1996 series) #[nn]