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Issue Details

Issue #12
Published Winter 1997
Cover Price $2.95
Pages 52
Editing Frank Pittarese
Notes Cover date is Winter 1997.

Cover Details - "Legion of Super-Heroes Vs. Brainiac"

Characters Legion of Super-Heroes; Brainiac
Genre superhero
Pencils Steve Lightle
Inks Steve Lightle
Letters typeset
Notes Cover date is Winter 1997.

18 page Legion of Super-Heroes story "Roots"

Characters Stealth; Taptree; Vril Dox; Lyrl Dox; Brainiac; Brainiac 5; Shvaughn Erin; Saturn Girl; Spark; Cosmic Boy; Gates; Inferno
Synopsis Vril Dox of L.E.G.I.O.N. and Brainiac 5 team-up to expel Brainiac from Colu.
Genre superhero
Script Tom Peyer
Pencils Derec Aucoin
Inks Jason Martin; Ken Branch
Colors Adrienne Roy
Letters Ken Bruzenak
Editing Frank Pittarese, Chris Duffy

10 page Jesse Quick story "Overrun"

Characters Jesse Quick; Max Mercury (cameo)
Synopsis Jesse Quick discovers her schedule book has the power to slow her down.
Genre superhero
Script Mark Waid; Brian Augustyn
Pencils Oscar Jimenez
Inks Jose Marzan, Jr.
Colors Tom McCraw
Letters Spike
Editing Alisande Morales

10 page King Faraday story "Rough Air"

Characters King Faraday; Sarge Steel
Synopsis Faraday and Steel protect V.I.P.s from a plane hijacking.
Genre spy; superhero
Script Stuart Immonen
Pencils Stuart Immonen
Inks Dick Giordano
Colors Chris Chuckery
Letters Willie Schubert
Editing Mike McAvennie