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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published November 1940
Cover Price 0.10 USD; 0.15 CAD
Pages 68
Editing ?

Cover Details

Genre war
Pencils Gene Fawcette
Inks Gene Fawcette

8 page Skull Squad story "Chosen because of their record of courage and..."

Characters V: Von Berg (I, D); I: Sgt. Jack Bruce; Terry Ryan
Genre war
Script ? [as Ace Atkins]
Pencils Arthur Peddy
Inks Arthur Peddy

7 page Parachute Patrol story "The three young patriots are hard at work..."

Characters I: Lord Rosly
Genre war
Script ? [as Pat Powers]
Pencils Henry Kiefer
Inks Henry Kiefer

6 page Jane Martin story "The armistice between France and Germany has been..."

Genre war
Script ? [as Fred Hawks]
Pencils George Tuska
Inks George Tuska

7 page Phantom Falcons story "Air raid alarms sound all over Great Britain..."

Characters I: Prof. and Miss Stratford
Genre war
Script ? [as Kit Gleason]
Pencils Leonard Frank
Inks Leonard Frank

1 page Wing Tips filler "Mussolini's air force is becoming increasingly important in..."

Genre true; war
Pencils Gene Fawcette
Inks Gene Fawcette

2 page text story "Double or Nothing"

Script ? [as Rick N. Backer]
Pencils Witmer Williams
Inks Witmer Williams
Letters typeset

6 page Clipper Kirk story "Gibraltar--rocky fortress guarding the entrance to the..."

Characters I: Col. Evon
Genre war
Script ? [as Rick Ayers]
Pencils Charles Sultan
Inks Charles Sultan; ?

4 page story "What of the Helicopter?"

Characters Another "What if?" story; helicopter was not perfected for war use at this time
Genre war
Pencils Witmer Williams ?; Charles Sultan ?
Inks ? [shop]

6 page F4 of the air intelligence story "The ll0th pursuit squadron, the terror of Heinkels..."

Characters V: Smathers (I, D)
Genre war
Script ? [as Alexander York]
Pencils Alex Blum
Inks Alex Blum; ?

7 page Powder Burns story "With Europe flaming in war, American refugees find..."

Characters Powder Burns; Sven; Four Nazi spies (Introduction, villain)
Genre war
Script ? [as Clyde North]
Pencils Klaus Nordling
Inks Klaus Nordling

3 page How Uncle Sam Trains His Warbirds story Alone In the Sky ["Among the many American youths at a civilian..."]

Genre true
Pencils Klaus Nordling
Inks Klaus Nordling
Notes Story title is taken from last issue's blurb.

7 page Suicide Smith story "Suicide Smith lives up to his name by..."

Genre war
Script ? [as Larry Shaw]
Pencils Art Peddy ?; Witmer Williams ?
Inks ? [shop]