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Issue Details

Issue #88
Published December 1947
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing J. F. Byrne (Managing Editor)

Cover Details - "Madman's Mission"

Characters Captain Wings
Genre adventure
Pencils Bob Lubbers (signed)
Inks Bob Lubbers (signed)
Notes Cover pencil & ink credit from Nicholas Burns (February 10, 2006).

10 page Captain Wings story Madman's Mission ["Dr. Ludwig Szkyzk dreamed up and designed that..."]

Characters Captain Wings; VILLAIN: Atlantis
Genre adventure
Script ? [as Major T. E. Bowen]
Pencils Bob Lubbers
Inks Bob Lubbers?; ?
Notes The story title is taken from the cover blurb.

6 page Jane Martin story "There's never a dull moment if you work..."

Characters Jane Martin
Genre crime
Script ? [as Bob Hickok]
Pencils George Evans (signed)
Inks George Evans (signed)

8 page Ghost Squadron story "The honorable and ancient society of the flying skulls..."

Characters Ghost Squadron
Genre mystery
Script ? [as Capt. Derek West]
Pencils Maurice Whitman
Inks Maurice Whitman

6 page The Phantom Falcon story "'Fifth King airliner lost with all aboard!' So read the..."

Characters The Phantom Falcon
Genre adventure
Script ? [as Cliff Dubois]
Pencils Charles Sultan
Inks Charles Sultan

4 page Air Heroes of World War II text article "Swede" Larsen

Genre fact
Letters typeset
Notes illustrated text story

6 page Greasemonkey Griffin story "The zoomobile! Zipmotor Corporation's contribution to the postwar..."

Characters Greasemonkey Griffin
Genre humor
Script ? [as Kip Beales]
Pencils Al Walker
Inks Al Walker

1 page Wings' Air Mail letters page

Letters typeset

6 page Suicide Smith story "The assayer's report had been terse: close quick..."

Characters Suicide Smith
Genre adventure
Script ? [as Capt. A.E. Carruthers]
Pencils John Celardo
Inks John Celardo