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Issue Details

Issue #90
Published February 1948
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing J. F. Byrne (Managing Editor); William R. Shelton (Editor)
Notes Cover pencil & ink credit from Nicholas Burns (February 10, 2006).

Cover Details - "The Radar Racketeers"

Characters Captain Wings
Genre adventure
Pencils Bob Lubbers (signed)
Inks Bob Lubbers (signed)
Notes Cover pencil & ink credit from Nicholas Burns (February 10, 2006).
Reprinted in Good Girl Art Quarterly (AC, 1990 series) #[3]

10 page Captain Wings story The Radar Racketeers [" war III hasn't started! Then why are..."]

Characters Captain Wings; Jim Wright (intro; dies); Betty Wright (intro); VILLAINS: Mr. Atlantis; Miss Areia
Genre adventure
Script ? [as Major T. E. Bowen]
Pencils Bob Lubbers (signed)
Inks Bob Lubbers (signed)
Notes The story title is taken from the cover blurb.

6 page Jane Martin story "So you want to do the perfect crime, eh?"

Characters Jane Martin; VILLAINS: J. Melvin Lathrop (intro); Lippy (intro); their gang (intro)
Genre crime
Script ? [as F.E. Lincoln]
Pencils George Evans (signed)
Inks George Evans (signed)

6 page Greasemonkey Griffin story "If my bosses ever pay me last year's salary..."

Characters Greasemonkey Griffin; VILLAINS: The Borers From Within (intro; Sven and another guy)
Genre humor
Script ? [as Kip Beales]
Pencils Al Walker (signed)
Inks Al Walker (signed)

4 page Air Heroes of World War II text article "Major Marion Carl"

Genre fact
Pencils George Evans (signed)
Inks George Evans (signed)
Letters typeset
Notes illustrated text story

6 page The Phantom Falcon story "Metropolis--ever growing, ever expanding its teeming boundaries..."

Characters The Phantom Falcon; Bobo (intro); VILLAINS: Stella Marr (intro; dies); Spike (intro; dies); another crook
Genre adventure
Script ? [as Cliff Dubois]
Pencils Charles Sultan
Inks Charles Sultan

6 page Suicide Smith story "Gaiety manned the helm of a trim pleasure craft..."

Characters Suicide Smith; Cyrus T. Greene (intro); Miss Greene (intro); VILLAINS: Senor Latigo (intro); Ramon (intro); their gang (intro)
Genre adventure
Script ? [as Capt. A.E. Carruthers]
Pencils John Celardo
Inks John Celardo

8 page Ghost Squadron story "Our island will live on as long as Bill..."

Characters Ghost Squadron; Capt. William Bleauvelt (intro); Johnny (intro); VILLAINS: Ernie (intro; dies); Leila (intro; dies); other Nazi spies (intro; die); the Nazis
Genre mystery
Script ? [as Capt. Derek West]
Pencils Maurice Whitman (signed)
Inks Maurice Whitman (signed)