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Issue Details

Issue #2
Published July 1956
Frequency bi-monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee
Notes Information on this issue supplied by the Timely/Atlas list.

Cover Details - "Inside The Tunnel!"

Pencils Joe Maneely
Inks Joe Maneely
Notes CCA seal.

4 page story "Inside the Tunnel"

Synopsis Three men discover that Jules Vernes' story of Captain Nemo was true.
Pencils Al Williamson
Inks Al Williamson

3 page story "It Stands in the Snow"

Synopsis Explorers climb what they think is a mountain but turns out to be a giant ice creature.
Pencils Sol Brodsky
Inks Sol Brodsky

4 page story "If...!"

Script Carl Wessler
Pencils Jay Scott Pike
Inks Jay Scott Pike
Notes A redo of the story by the same name in Suspense #27 although this time the woman's parents are aliens.

2 page text story "The Traveler"

Pencils Mort Drucker
Inks Mort Drucker
Notes Text story with Illustrations.
Reprinted in Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1952 series) #96 (September 1963) [page 1]; in Journey Into Mystery (Marvel, 1952 series) #97 (October 1963) [page 2]

4 page story "Midnight on the Mountain!"

Synopsis A man who thinks of himself as a failure gains resolve when a criminal time traveler threatens his girlfriend.
Pencils Manny Stallman
Inks Manny Stallman
Notes John Giunta Pencil/Ink credit changed based on information from the Timely/Atlas list. [12/2006 - MN]

4 page story "A Cry For Help!"

Synopsis A scientist leaves his family so he can devote all of his time to research.
Pencils Kurt Schaffenberger
Inks Kurt Schaffenberger

4 page story "One Night!"

Synopsis A man punches a resident of Antares and the court sentences him to death. They tell him he can have anything he wants for that final night, but he gets word to the ship captain to come and rescue him. After they blast off, the captain informs him what is one night on Antares lasts for 93 years on Earth.
Pencils Bob Forgione
Inks Jack Abel
Notes Joe Certa pencil/inks credit removed based on information provided by the Timely/Atlas list. [12/2006 - MN]