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Issue Details

Issue #24
Published April 1944
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Stanley Kauffmann

Cover Details

Genre superhero
Pencils Jack Binder
Inks Jack Binder

1 page filler "Contents Page"

13 page Mary Marvel story "The Return of Uncle Marvel"

Characters Uncle Marvel (Guest Star); Captain Marvel Jr. (Cameo; picture); Captain Marvel (Cameo; picture)
Genre superhero
Script Otto Binder
Pencils Jack Binder?
Inks Jack Binder?

2 page Penny Graves text story "The Death's-Head Horror"

Script Joseph Millard (Michael Remba)
Letters typeset
Notes Penny Graves text story.

1 page Mary Marvel advertisement "Helpless"

Genre superhero
Pencils Jack Binder?
Inks Jack Binder?
Notes paper-drive ad

8 page Commando Yank story "Commando Yank Battles His Friends"

Genre superhero
Pencils Al Carreno?
Inks Al Carreno?

4 page Richard Richard, Private Dick story "The Violin Case"

Genre detective; humor
Script Dick McKay
Pencils Dick McKay
Inks Dick McKay
Notes humor filler

12 page Mr. Scarlet story "Meet the Homesick Hill-Billys"

Genre superhero

1 page Helpful Hugo filler

Genre gag

8 page Phantom Eagle story "The Underground Oasis"

Genre aviation
Pencils Bert Whitman?
Inks Bert Whitman?