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Issue Details

Issue #3
Published December 1948
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Victor Fox
Notes Zegra ropes a native on a zebra.

Cover Details

Characters Zegra
Genre jungle
Notes Zegra ropes a native on a zebra.

11 page Zegra story "Zegra battling a tiger and a snake"

Characters Zegra; Tugga
Synopsis Zegra battles Tugga, a female wrestler who has come to the jungle.
Genre Jungle
Script John Lanier? [as Jo Lax]

10 page Zegra story "A Destiny Pearl"

Characters Zegra
Synopsis A girl and her uncle battle over a pearl bed, while Zegra tries to keep them out of trouble.
Script John Lanier [as Jed Lewis]

2 page text article "Modern Harbor Pirates"

Synopsis Facts about modern day pirates.
Genre Fact
Letters typeset

1 page story "Jungle Oddities"

Synopsis Facts about African tribes and animals.
Genre fact
Script Taylor Orr
Pencils Taylor Orr
Inks Taylor Orr

1 page story "Tropical Topics"

Synopsis Facts about African animals.
Genre fact

7 page Radio Detective story "The Jilted Canary"

Characters Mike Mallory
Synopsis Mike Mallory is a detective on the radio who gets a murderer to confess to the killing of a singer while on the air.
Genre Mystery
Script Vern Henkel? [signed 'Henkel']
Pencils Vern Henkel? [signed 'Henkel']
Inks Vern Henkel? [signed 'Henkel']
Notes Credit info based on info from Jerry Bails' Who's Who site.