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Issue Details

Issue #8
Published September 1940
Cover Price 0.10
Pages 68
Editing Abner Sundell

Cover Details

Pencils Charles Biro
Inks Charles Biro

14 page Steel Sterling story "The Framing of Officer Clancy"

Characters V: Nicky (I, D)
Script Charles Biro?
Pencils Charles Biro
Inks Charles Biro

6 page Scarlet Avenger story The Senatorial "Suicides"

Characters V: Nick Betts (I, D); I: Senators Kash, Kiro (both D), and Logan
Script Harry Shorten
Pencils Irv Novick
Inks Irv Novick

6 page Nevada Jones story "Nevada Jones: Framed For Murder"

Characters V: Steve Holden (I)

6 page Kalthar story "Captured By Queen Loha"

Characters V: Queen Loha (I, D?); GS: Kate Goodwill
Script Harry Shorten
Pencils Irv Novick
Inks Irv Novick

8 page War Eagles story "Incident In Egypt"

Characters V: Hess (I, D)
Pencils Ed Smalle, Jr.
Inks Ed Smalle, Jr.

1 page text story "Rocky Mountain Goats"

Letters typeset

8 page Captain Valor story "The Treachery of Tania"

Characters V: Tania, Nicholas (I); GS: Wang Fu, Big Dip, Angie, Ronnie
Script Abner Sundell
Pencils Mort Meskin
Inks Mort Meskin

6 page Mr. Satan story "The Pharoah's Curse"

Characters V: Sonia (I; aka "Princess Cleo"), Benji Frazier and his hooded gang (I for all)
Script Abner Sundell
Pencils Lin Streeter
Inks Lin Streeter

7 page Zambini the Miracle Man story "The Bride of Yum Chac"

Characters V: A Mayan cult (I for all; some turned into turtles); I: Elihu Grant, Helen Grant
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Ed Wexler
Inks Ed Wexler