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Issue Details

Issue #18
Published September 1941
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Harry Shorten

Cover Details

Pencils Irv Novick
Inks Irv Novick

14 page Steel Sterling story "Mystery At El Rancho Domo"

Characters V: Carmencita, Miguel, and other spies (I for all)
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Irv Novick
Inks Irv Novick

8 page Captain Valor story "The Dog and the Dispatch"

Characters I: Slim, Slam, and Sgt. Finnegan
Script Joe Blair?

6 page Nevada Jones story "The Saloon Girl and the Train Robbers"

Characters V: Steve Lassiter and his gang (I for all); I: Lulu (a saloon girl)

6 page Red Reagan story "Murder By Telephone"

Characters V: Tobias Tennyson (I); I: Scott, Jessup (both D), Edith Jessup, Frank Whitcomb, Eloise Whitcomb, Dr. Eli Schwartz, James
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Paul Reinman
Inks Paul Reinman

8 page Dicky in the Magic Forest story "The Magic Picture Book"

Characters I: Freckles; V: Another giant (I; turned into a rabbit)
Pencils Larry Golden
Inks Larry Golden

6 page War Eagles story "The Revenge of Captain Schlitz"

Characters V: Captain Eric Schlitz (formerly Eric Von Lickt), Nazis
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Ed Smalle
Inks Ed Smalle

6 page Wilbur story "Meet Wilbur"

Characters I: Wilbur Wilkin, J. Frank Wilkin, Mrs. Wilkin, Virginia Wilkin
Script Harvey Willard
Pencils Lin Streeter
Inks Lin Streeter

6 page Zambini story "The Murdering Matador"

Characters V: Arturo (I, D); I: Juan Feliz and his fiancee
Script Harry Shorten
Pencils Paul Reinman
Inks Paul Reinman

1 page Shield, The illustration "Shield pin-up"

Characters The Shield
Genre superhero
Pencils Irv Novick
Inks Irv Novick