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Issue Details

Issue #28
Published August 1942
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Harry Shorten
Notes Available as a scan from

Cover Details - "Baron Gestapo Pits His Nazi Cunning Against American Courage"

Characters Steel Sterling; Web; Baron Gestapo
Genre superhero
Pencils Bob Montana
Inks Bob Montana
Notes Originally credited to Irv Novick (as it is credited in Overstreet) but cover is signed "Montana" at the bottom of the chalkboard. Signature spotted by Mr. Bedrock at .

1 page foreword, introduction, preface, afterword "Zip Proudly Presents"

Synopsis Contents of the issue.
Notes Inside front cover. Also includes indicia.

13 page Steel Sterling story Dragons of Doom ["All America thrilled to the heroic tale of General McBride..."]

Characters Steel Sterling; Baron Gestapo
Synopsis "Baron Gestapo is loose again! And his dread hand reaching across the vast Pacific, hovers over America's greatest General like a talon of death, but zipping to the rescue in a desperate race against time, Steel Sterling, Man of Steel." [from the table of contents]
Genre superhero
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Irv Novick (signed) [as Irving Novick]
Inks Irv Novick (signed) [as Irving Novick]

12 page Web story Coming of the Web ["There can be no doubt of it!"]

Characters The Web (origin in flashback)
Synopsis "The Web is born! How did this unique, awe-inspiring force for justice come into being? Why did he adopt the guise of a web? The answers are told in a story that reaches a crashing crescendo of thrills and excitement." [from Table of Contents]
Genre superhero
Pencils John Cassone ?
Inks John Cassone ?

11 page Black Jack story Death Trumps the Black Seven ["The Seven Strikes Death"]

Characters Black Jack; The Black Seven
Synopsis "The Black Seven! Who can ever forget this weird figure possessed of the evil luck of the Devil himself? A luck that once again is to clash with the wit and cunning of the only person ever to trump it - Black Jack." [from the Table of Contents]
Genre superhero
Pencils Robin King (signed) [as King]
Inks Robin King (signed) [as King]
Notes Index originally had "Al Camy?" credited for pencils and inks, but story is signed "King".

1 page World Wonders story "Men with tails"

Synopsis Weird facts.
Genre fact
Pencils Mary Goss ? [as Goss]; Dale Goss ? [as Goss]
Inks Mary Goss ? [as Goss]; Dale Goss ? [as Goss]
Notes Signed "Goss". Jerry Bails' Who's Who gives both Mary and Dale as people who were working for Archie at this time doing filler work.

7 page Wilbur story Fourth of July Blues ["The third of July in Westfield starts off with a bang..."]

Characters Wilbur; Wilbur's father; Jimmy; Marmaduke
Synopsis Wilbur and Jimmy get Marmaduke to make them fireworks for the 4th of July but have to hide them in an un-used cannon when Wilbur's dad walks by.
Genre teen
Script Joe Blair
Pencils Lin Streeter
Inks Lin Streeter

6 page Stories of the Black Witch story The Grave Gives Up Its Dead ["The Devil's Hand"]

Characters The Black Witch; Philip Wylie; Tom Grayson
Synopsis A shriveled hand brings bad luck to whoever possesses it.
Genre horror
Pencils Robin King (signed) [as King]
Inks Robin King (signed) [as King]

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "Pep Comics is Never Satisfied"

Synopsis Ad for Pep Comics.

6 page Zip's Hall of Fame story "John V. Newkirk - Scarsdale Jack"

Characters John Newkirk
Synopsis Scarsdale Jack fights with the Flying Tigers to keep the Pacific safe.
Genre fact; war
Pencils Paul Reinman (signed)
Inks Paul Reinman (signed)
Notes First appearance.

6 page Zambini the Miracle Man story All Out For Freedom ["In the shadows of night's grim darkness an aged sea-captain plunges..."]

Characters Zambini
Synopsis Zambini rescues a sea captain bent on suicide and tells him the story of an ancient sea captain.
Script Gerald Kean (signed)
Pencils Paul Reinman (signed)
Inks Paul Reinman (signed)
Notes Writer and art credits revised per Leonard Wolinsky, from splash page signature, 1/19/2007. Previously credited as writer: Harry Shorten and art: "J. K. Phillips?"

1 page public service announcement "A Special Message to the Boys and Girls of America from Henry Morgenthau, Jr."

Synopsis Letter from the Secretary of the Treasurer encouraging kids to buy Saving Stamps to aid the war effort.
Script Henry Morgenthau, Jr.

1 page promo (ad from the publisher) "A Portrait Picture of Gen. Douglas MacArthur"

Synopsis Ad for Comicscope, a camera projector. Available from MLJ Magazines.
Letters typeset
Notes Inside back cover.

1 page advertisement "Will You Let Me Prove I Can Make You A New Man?"

Synopsis Ad for Charles Atlas body-building.
Letters typeset
Notes On back cover of comic.