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Issue Details

Issue #4
Published February 1946
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Charles J. Levy (student editor); Charles Santangelo (student editor)
Notes Indicia (from a scan at ZOO FUNNIES published monthly by Children's Comics Publishers, Inc. Vol. 1, No. 4, February, 1946. Office of Publications, 49 Hawkins Street, Derby, Conn. Applications for entry as second class matter pending at post office of Derby, Conn. Single copies 10c; yearly subscription $1.20. No actual person named or delineated in this magazine. Copyright 1946 by Children's Comics Publishers, Inc. Printed in the U. S. A. Student Editors, Charles J. Levy and Charles Santangelo.

Cover Details

Characters Rabbit-Son Crusoe; Friday
Genre funny animal
Pencils ? [as HL]
Inks ? [as HL]

6 page Bojo the Monk and Tony story "untitled"

Characters Bojo the Monk; Tony
Genre humor

1 page Freddy the Frog story "untitled"

Characters Freddy the Frog
Genre funny animal

6 page Tommy and Dodo story "untitled"

Characters Tommy; Dodo
Genre humor
Script Pat Simon?
Pencils Pat Simon (signed)
Inks Pat Simon (signed)

1 page activity "Play-Time"

Genre puzzle page

5 page Rabbit-Son Crusoe story "untitled"

Characters Rabbit-Son Crusoe; Friday
Genre funny animal

2 page story "A Visit To The Zoo With Patsy And Lou"

Genre fact

2 page text story "Just Call Me Sam"

Genre children
Letters typeset

6 page Capt. Parrot story "untitled"

Characters Captain Parrot
Genre funny animal
Script Charlie Sanders?
Pencils Charlie Sanders (signed)
Inks Charlie Sanders (signed)

1 page Smarty story "untitled"

Characters Smarty
Genre humor

2 page story "Unusual Animals"

Genre fact
Pencils Herbert C. Browner [as HCB]
Inks Herbert C. Browner [as HCB]

3 page story "Indian Tales"

Genre humor

6 page Barry the Bear story "untitled"

Characters Barry the Bear; Bucky Skunk; Waldo Wolf; Old Uncle Skunk
Genre funny animal

1 page illustration "untitled"

Genre fact
Pencils ? (photograph)
Inks ? (photograph)

6 page Kenny Katt story "untitled"

Characters Kenny Katt; Rover
Genre funny animal
Notes Signature seems erased from the original artwork.