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Issue Details

Issue #6
Published July 1946
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Charles J. Levy (student editor); Charles Santangelo (student editor)
Notes This comic is a very amateur-type publication. Both editors listed are "student editors." Indicia (from a scan at ZOO FUNNIES published monthly by Charlton Comics Inc., Vol. 1, No. 6 July 1946. Office of publication, 49 Hawkins Street, Derby, Conn. Entered as second class matter at post office of Derby, Conn., additional entry at Holyoke, Mass. Single copies 10c; yearly subscription $1.20. No actual person named or delineated in this magazine. Copyright 1946 by Charlton Comics Inc. Printed in the U. S. A. Student Editors, Charles J. Levy and Charles Santangelo.

Cover Details - "untitled"

Characters Rudy Rabbit
Genre funny animal

2 page text story "Monkey Visiting the Zoo Sees Zoot Suit Donkey"

Genre funny animal
Letters typeset
Notes Found on the inside front and inside back covers.

5 page Rabbit-Son Caruso story "untitled"

Characters Rabbit-Son Caruso
Genre funny animal

1 page Smarty story "untitled"

Characters Smarty
Genre humor

6 page Bojo and Tony story "In Jail By Mistake"

Characters Bojo; Tony
Genre humor

2 page Animal Quiz activity "African Lungfish"

Genre fact
Pencils ? [as HCB] (signed)
Inks ? [as HCB] (signed)

6 page Rudy Rabbit story "untitled"

Characters Rudy Rabbit
Genre funny animal
Script ? [as Hotze] (signed)
Pencils ? [as HO] (signed)
Inks ? [as HO] (signed)

6 page Tommy and Dodo story "untitled"

Characters Tommy; Dodo
Genre humor
Pencils Pat Simon (signed)
Inks Pat Simon (signed)

1 page filler "untitled"

Genre military; animal
Notes Features a picture of a cat in the Army.

6 page Little Leo story "untitled"

Characters Little Leo
Genre funny animal

3 page They Say...... story "Why the Bear Has a Short Tail"

Synopsis Indian lore.
Genre humor

2 page A Visit to the Zoo filler "untitled"

Synopsis Fact filler on penguins.
Genre fact; animal

1 page Fun For Little Artists activity "untitled"

Genre children

3 page Coyote Family story "Hunts Prairie Dogs"

Genre funny animal
Pencils ? [as Bernie] (signed)
Inks ? [as Bernie] (signed)

6 page Popsy Penguin story "untitled"

Characters Popsy Penguin
Genre funny animal