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Issue Details

Issue #v1#2 [2]
Published Spring 1942
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Stanley Beaman
Notes #2 (V. 1 #2)

Cover Details

Pencils Harold DeLay
Inks Harold DeLay
Notes #2 (V. 1 #2)

24 page Dick Cole story "Simba a King?"

Characters Master Mongol (Intro, Villain); Dr. Karno (Death; Villain; no actual apperance); Simba Karno (Origin; details; in flashback)
Pencils Al Fagaly
Inks Al Fagaly

11 page Edison Bell story "[While the inventions Edison Bell shows you in this issue are not dangerous..."

Characters Bull Grant and his gang (Villain, Intro for all)
Script Ray Gill
Pencils Harold DeLay
Inks Harold DeLay

2 page text story "Trouble...Come and Get It!"

Script Mickey Spillane
Letters Typeset
Notes Reprint note from Arthur Lortie, August 2008.
Reprinted in Primal Spillane: Early Stories 1941-1942 (Gryphon Books, 2004 series)

10 page Target story "Introducing the Tiny Targets"

Characters Togo Maru and his gang (Villian, Intro); Won Torpee (Intro); Gloria Gilldanderspill (Intro)
Pencils Sid Greene?
Inks Sid Greene?

16 page Cadet story "The Web of Sabotage"

Characters Fletcher and other spies (Villian, Intro for all)
Pencils Albert Tyler
Inks John Jordan