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Issue Details

Issue V4#1 [13]
Published Winter 1945
Frequency quarterly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Robert D. Wheeler

Cover Details

Pencils Walter Johnson?
Inks Walter Johnson?
Notes #13 (V. 4 #1)

1 page 4-Thoughts and Afterthoughts letters page

Script readers & editors
Letters typeset
Notes This is the inside-front cover.

16 page Dick Cole story "Ted Todley, new cadet at Farr Military Academy, and son of the millionaire..."

Characters I: Ted Todley, Hubert and Hortense Van Olm, Sandra Shawn; V: Denny (I), Archie Ludd (I, D)
Pencils Jim Wilcox
Inks Jim Wilcox

10 page Candid Charlie story "Charlie, his camera, and some chop suey, get tangled up in Chinatown."

Characters I: Wun Ti Ya and his family
Pencils B. Gordon Guth
Inks B. Gordon Guth

9 page Edison Bell story "Eddie and Jerry have started a 'sea lore' club!"

Characters I: Captain Olsen
Script Ray Gill?
Pencils Harold DeLay?
Inks Harold DeLay?

1 page activity "Hurricane"

Synopsis Build a model of a 'hurricane' - a Gloucester fisherman schooner
Pencils Ray Gill

2 page text story "Foul Ball"

Characters Johnny Park
Letters Typeset

10 page The Cadet featuring Kit Carter story "Army intelligence 'borrows' Kit Carter and Dan Merry from Daunton..."

Characters Kit Carter; Dan Merry (his pal); Intro: Prof. Burke (ex-intelligence officer); Villain: Itchi (intro), the Japanese
Synopsis Kit & Dan go on a secret mission to Panama to aid Prof. Burke and save the Canal from destruction.
Pencils Walter Johnson
Inks Nina Albright?