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Issue Details

Issue #v6#5 [25]
Published November-December 1947
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Robert D. Wheeler
Notes #25 (V. 6 #5)

Cover Details

Pencils L. B. Cole
Inks L. B. Cole
Notes #25 (V. 6 #5)

14 page Dick Cole story "[Dick Cole and Simba Karno, freed from school..."

Characters V: Henri Mask (I); GS: Red Burton; I: Russ Allen
Pencils Jim Wilcox
Inks Jim Wilcox

5 page Edison Bell story "[Hold your breath, Eddie."

Characters V: Charlie and his partner (I for both)
Script Ray Gill
Pencils Harold DeLay
Inks Harold DeLay

2 page text story "The Fighting Heart"

Script Ken Fitch (K. W. Fitch)
Letters Typeset

6 page Candid Charlie story "[Some famous scientists have decided that Lensville..."

Characters I: Principal Frowner, Prof. Ball
Pencils Robert Sale (Bob Q. Siege)
Inks Robert Sale

8 page Cadet story "[When they clash with a music-minded roller skater..."

Characters I: Tommy and his mother; V: Alex Graham (I)
Pencils Nina Albright
Inks Nina Albright

9 page Lem the Grem story "[Lem's intentions are always the best..."

Characters I: Cap Rivers, Millie, Taff, Munny; V: Two crooks (I for both)
Pencils Nina Albright
Inks Nina Albright