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Issue Details

Issue #v8#1 [32]
Published January-February 1949
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Robert D. Wheeler
Notes #32 (V. 8 #1)

Cover Details

Pencils Jack Hearne
Inks Jack Hearne
Notes #32 (V. 8 #1)

10 page Cadet story "[Shooting star! That means good luck!"

Characters V: Pigs Nuckles, Sour Krout, Stiletto Stab, Jipp (I for all)
Pencils Nina Albright
Inks Nina Albright

6 page Edison Bell story "[Listen to this, Jerry:..."

Characters I: Bates
Script Ray Gill?
Pencils Tex Blaisdell?
Inks Tex Blaisdell?

8 page Toni Gayle story "[Our glamorous model, Toni Gayle, isn't exactly fullback material..."

Characters I: Ty Benton; V: Prof. Scorpio, Coach Bulldoze (I for both)
Pencils Al Plastino?
Inks Al Plastino?

2 page Two-Ton O'Toole story "[Aw, it's no use..."

Script Art Helfant
Pencils Art Helfant
Inks Art Helfant

2 page text story "The Message..."

Letters Typeset

6 page Candid Charlie story "[Dis is da last tank, Dr. Chimp!"

Characters V: Dr. Xavier Chimp and his gang (I for all)
Pencils Robert Sale (Bob Q. Siege)
Inks Robert Sale

7 page Lem the Grem story "[When the fun-loving gremlin tries his hand..."

Characters I: Cecil Stiffe, Polly Pert, Dr. Hart, Mrs. Stiffe
Pencils Nina Albright
Inks Nina Albright