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Issue Details

Issue #22
Published September 1989
Cover Price 1.00 USD; 1.25 CAD
Pages 36
Editing Mark Gruenwald; Gregory Wright (managing editor); Sara Tuchinsky (assistant editor); Tom DeFalco (editor-in-chief)

Cover Details

Characters Hawkeye; the Swordsman
Genre superhero
Pencils Ron Frenz (signed)
Inks Mike Machlan (signed)

11 page Hawkeye story "Grimm and Bear It"

Characters Bobcat; the Brothers Grimm; Hawkeye; Mad Dog; Mockingbird
Genre superhero
Script Howard Mackie
Pencils Al Milgrom
Inks Don Heck
Colors George Roussos
Letters Jack Morelli

1 page letters page "Single File"

Script Gregory Wright; various
Letters typeset

11 page Hawkeye and the Swordsman story "Once There Was a Swordsman...!"

Characters the Avengers [Captain America [Steve Rogers]; Mantis] (flashback); the Crimson Cavalier (World War I character, in painting, flashback); the Swordsman (flashback); Armand Duquesne (his father, flashback); the West Coast Avengers [Hawkeye; the Scarlet Witch; the Vision; Wonder Man]; Wong-Chu (flashback)
Genre superhero
Script Lou Mougin
Pencils Don Heck
Inks Don Heck; José Marzan Jr.
Colors Paul Becton
Letters Joe Rosen