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Issue Details

Issue #7
Published October-November 1937
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing Harry "A" Chesler (Editor & Publisher); Kenneth Fitch (Managing Editor)
Notes The indicia, printed on the Table of Contents page, reads as follows: 'STAR RANGER is published monthly by Ultem Publications, Inc., Mount Morris, Illinois. Editorial office, 276 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Entered as second class matter at post office, Mount Morris, Illinois, under act of March 3, 1879. Subscription price: 12 issues in the United States and its possessions and Canada, $1.00. Single copies, 10 cents. The publishers accept no responsibility for unsolicited drawings or manuscripts but will exercise due care in handling same. Drawings and manuscripts, to receive consideration, must be accompanied by postage sufficient to insure their return to owner. BEFORE SUBMITTING DRAWINGS OR MANUSCRIPTS WRITE FOR INSTRUCTIONS. This magazine printed in U. S. A. and entire contents COPYRIGHTED, 1937, by ULTEM PUBLICATIONS, INC. All rights reserved.'

Cover Details

Genre western; humor
Pencils Fred Schwab
Inks Fred Schwab
Notes also features characters from Jess Phoolin

1 page The Roundup foreword, introduction, preface, afterword "A Bit Off the Trail"

Synopsis A promo for Centaur's sister titles, Star Comics, Funny Pages, and Funny Picture Stories.
Script Harry Chesler
Letters typeset
Notes Article with spot illustration.

1 page credits "Table of Contents"

Letters typeset
Notes lists the editor credits, features names, and the indicia. Page also features the union 'bug'.

1 page biography (nonfictional) "Chief White Wolf"

Characters Chief White Wolf; Buffalo Bill Cody
Genre fact

2 page Tenderfoot Joe story "Aw, I didn't know it was that bad!"

Characters Tenderfoot Joe
Synopsis Joe is put to work as the chef when the regular cook goes on strike, but isn't really suited for the job.
Genre humor
Script Fred Schwab (signed)
Pencils Fred Schwab (signed)
Inks Fred Schwab (signed)

1 page Tenderfoot Mary filler "Hello Mary - How's things at the cabin?"

Characters Tenderfoot Mary
Synopsis Mary has rats in her cabin.
Genre humor
Script Fred Schwab
Pencils Fred Schwab
Inks Fred Schwab

1 page story "The Little Papoose"

Synopsis a poem to a Native American baby
Genre western

2 page Cowboy Jake story "The Mayor of the City wore a very troubled look"

Characters Cowboy Jake
Synopsis the story of how Jake rid the town of the tough guy with his wits.
Genre humor

2 page Lyin' Lou story "That's a right smart dog I got there, Lou"

Characters Lyin' Lou
Synopsis Lou spins a tale about how smart his dog was.
Script Fred Guardineer
Pencils Fred Guardineer
Inks Fred Guardineer

2 page Wild West Junior story "Run home little boy and ride your hobby horse"

Synopsis Junior signs up for the rodeo, despite the taunts about his age, throws the bull, rescues the damsel in distress...all before his Mom wakes him for school.
Genre humor
Script Fred Schwab
Pencils Fred Schwab
Inks Fred Schwab

1 page Killer McGee filler "McGee, yah boined down a bank last week..."

Characters Killer McGee
Synopsis Killer McGee can calmly take being called a menace and thief, but won't abide being accused of eating onions.
Genre humor
Script Fred Schwab
Pencils Fred Schwab
Inks Fred Schwab

1 page biography (nonfictional) "John Dillinger"

Characters John Dillinger
Synopsis Facts about the life and death of infamous outlaw John Dillinger.
Genre fact

5 page story "Dynamite Trail"

Synopsis A ranger investigates strange accidents at a mining operation and finds a disgruntled employee.

4 page Ace and Deuce story "Two Noo Yawk gentlemen arriving on the 2:15..."

Characters Ace; Deuce
Synopsis A couple New York City mob members come to the Dude ranch to lay low, but Ace and Deuce sniff them out.

7 page text story "Killer's Horse"

Genre Western
Script Tom Curry (credited)
Pencils Frank Frollo (signed)
Inks Frank Frollo (signed)
Notes text story with spot illustrations

2 page illustration "One Less Horse-Thief!"

Genre Western
Pencils Fred Guardineer (signed)
Inks Fred Guardineer (signed)
Notes center-spread art piece of the lynching of a horse-thief.

3 page Bad Medicine story "They won't be any chuck tonight, men."

Genre Western
Script Fred Guardineer (signed) [as F.B.G.]
Pencils Fred Guardineer (signed) [as F.B.G.]
Inks Fred Guardineer (signed) [as F.B.G.]

3 page Grizzly Dunn story "Mighty fine hoss flesh, kid."

Characters Grizzly Dunn
Synopsis Grizzly gets challenged to a horse race.
Genre Western
Script Rafael Astarita (signed)
Pencils Rafael Astarita (signed)
Inks Rafael Astarita (signed)
Reprinted in Amazing Mystery Funnies (Centaur, 1938 series) v2 #7

6 page story "Errand of Mercy"

Genre adventure
Script Norman Daniels

1 page text article "Big Trees in America"

Synopsis Lore about the history of trees in America, and of giant pre-historic petrified tree remains in Arizona.
Genre fact

1 page story "Words Without Music"

Characters Null; Void
Synopsis a lyrical poem about migrant cowboys looking for work.
Genre Western
Script ? [as Todmoro]
Pencils ? [as Todmoro]
Inks ? [as Todmoro]

2 page Null and Void story "This round up is a tuff job, eh, Void?"

Characters Null; Void
Genre humor
Script ? [as Todmoro] (signed)
Pencils ? [as Todmoro] (signed)
Inks ? [as Todmoro] (signed)

1 page Homeless Oscar story "Aren't those flowers beautiful!"

Characters Homeless Oscar (a skunk)
Genre funny animals
Script Dick Ryan
Pencils Dick Ryan
Inks Dick Ryan

4 page Death's Head Range story "Shore is a tough break for your Dad..."

Characters Bob Horn
Synopsis Bob Horn lives on his Dad's ranch, which has a valuable oil well just across the fence on his neighbor's property. Bob discovers by accident that the neighbor moved the fence, and that the well is really his father's property.

6 page story "Marked Bullets"

Genre Western
Script Will Harr (credited)
Notes Script credit from Nigel Cantwell via the GCD Error List (21 August 2006).

Half page Jest A Laugh cartoon "I hope no calls come in..."

Genre humor
Script Fred Schwab
Pencils Fred Schwab
Inks Fred Schwab

1 page Jess Phoolin story "Say - Join me in a drink Buddy!"

Characters Jess Phoolin
Genre humor
Script Fred Schwab
Pencils Fred Schwab
Inks Fred Schwab

Half page Jest the Type cartoon "Could we interest you in our latest super-electric Frigidaire?"

Genre gags
Script Fred Schwab ?
Pencils Fred Schwab ?
Inks Fred Schwab ?

1 page Lonesome Luke story "We're the guys for ya!"

Characters Lonesome Luke
Genre humor
Script Fred Schwab
Pencils Fred Schwab
Inks Fred Schwab
Notes Luke advertises for tough guys for his ranch and a bunch of guys with broken noses show up to apply. Luke tells them to go home and send the guy who broke their noses.