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Issue Details

Issue #V4 #11 [47]
Published March 1944
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Stanley Beaman
Notes #47 (V. 4 #11)

Cover Details

Genre Adventure; Humor
Pencils B. Gordon Guth (signed)
Inks B. Gordon Guth
Notes #47 (V. 4 #11)

1 page Ye Editor's Page letters page

Letters typeset
Notes inside front cover

9 page Cadet story "Wow, feels like an earthquake..."

Genre Adventure
Pencils Joe Donohoe?
Inks Joe Donohoe?

7 page 18 Men and a Boat story "18 Men and a Boat [part 3]"

Genre Fact
Pencils Tom Gill (signed)
Inks Tom Gill

6 page Dan'l Flannel story "The Circus Comes To Town"

Genre Humor

5 page Bull's-Eye Bill story "The Nazis try to stop a shipment of Army mules..."

Genre Adventure; Western
Pencils John Daly?
Inks John Daly?

2 page text story "SOS"

Genre Adventure; War
Letters typeset
Notes contains statement of ownership and management

6 page Candid Charlie story "Charlie was on his way to Mexico..."

Genre Humor
Pencils B. Gordon Guth
Inks B. Gordon Guth

6 page Target and the Targeteers story "The Tri-State Limited roars around a curve and--"

Genre Superhero
Pencils Bill Allison
Inks Bill Allison

5 page Speck, Spot, and Sis story "Who's dog?"

Genre Adventure; Humor
Script Alonzo Vincent
Pencils Alonzo Vincent
Inks Alonzo Vincent
Notes It should be "Whose dog?", but that's the way they spelled it.

7 page Chameleon story "What a spot to be in..."

Genre Adventure; Spy
Pencils Bill Allison
Inks Bill Allison

1 page Adventures In Stamps filler

Script Eugene L. Pollock
Letters typeset

2 page Targettoons filler

Script Milt Hammer
Pencils Milt Hammer (signed)
Inks Milt Hammer