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Issue Details

Issue #V9 #1 [91]
Published March 1948
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 52
Editing Robert D. Williams
Notes #91 (V. 9 #1)

Cover Details

Genre Adventure
Pencils L. B. Cole (signed)
Inks L. B. Cole
Colors L. B. Cole
Notes #91 (V. 9 #1)

1 page Target Hits and Misses letters page

Letters typeset
Notes inside front cover

9 page Cadet story "Kit Carter and Dan Merry go on a scavenger hunt..."

Characters Prof. Earle (introduction); Harry (villain, introduction); Joe (villain, introduction)
Genre Adventure
Pencils Nina Albright (signed)
Inks Nina Albright

Half page Targetoons filler

Genre Humor
Script Milt Hammer
Pencils Milt Hammer (Signed)
Inks Milt Hammer
Notes top half of page is an ad for Kellog's Krumbles cereal

6 page Target story "It's about time the trouble-shooters took an evening off..."

Characters Herb Keeler and his gang (villain, introduction); James Waite (introduction)
Genre Superhero
Pencils Ken Battefield
Inks Ken Battefield

2 page text story "Midnight Fiddler"

Genre Adventure
Pencils illo?
Letters typeset

5 page Bull's-Eye Bill story "Bull's-Eye Bill discovers that jealousy can be as dangerous..."

Characters Samson Jones (villain, introduction)
Genre Western; Humor
Pencils Joe Certa
Inks Joe Certa

5 page Speck, Spot, and Sis story "The Candy Bar"

Characters Brickbatt (villain, introduction?); Halfbatt (villain, introduction?)
Synopsis Kids dress as the Shadow and Roy Rogers at a masquerade.
Genre Adventure
Pencils Alonzo Vincent
Inks Alonzo Vincent

1 page Targetoons filler

Genre Humor
Script Milt Hammer
Pencils Milt Hammer (Signed)
Inks Milt Hammer

6 page Candid Charlie story "Even though Charlie doesn't enter the Lenevile High School Art Show..."

Characters George Day (villain, introduction?)
Genre Humor
Pencils Robert Sale (as Bob Q. Siege)
Inks Robert Sale

3 page Heathcliff the Hobo story "Brrrr! I gotta get out of this cold!"

Genre Humor
Script Art Helfant
Pencils Art Helfant
Inks Art Helfant

8 page Gary Stark story "Just when everything seems blackest for Gary--help comes!"

Characters Komar (villain)
Genre Adventure
Pencils Don Rico (signed)
Inks Don Rico
Notes conclusion of adventure