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Issue Details

Issue #v4#6
Published October 1972
Cover Price 0.60 USD
Pages 52
Editing Carl Burgos; Ezra Jackson (art)

Cover Details

Genre horror

6 page story "The Gruesome Creatures"

Synopsis "A fantastic and terrifying tale of hungry demons from the fourth dimension."
Genre horror
Pencils Alberto Macagno (signed)
Inks Alberto Macagno (signed)

5 page story "Chamber of Horrors"

Synopsis "A wax museum turns into a nightmare of terror as cold steel in wax hands cuts deep into soft flesh."
Genre horror
Pencils A. Reynoso (signed)
Inks A. Reynoso (signed)

5 page story "The Strange Escape"

Synopsis "A fear haunted convict desperately tries to escape his destiny by digging himself out of a grave."
Genre horror
Pencils Cirilo Munoz (signed)
Inks Cirilo Munoz (signed)
Notes Same basic script as original with new art.
Reprinted from Black Cat (Harvey, 1946 series) #44 (June 1953) [redrawn version of "Destiny"]

4 page text story "Locked in Time"

Synopsis "An incredible narrative of a man who was locked in time."
Genre science fiction
Script Drury D. Sharp
Pencils Ezra Jackson
Inks Ezra Jackson
Letters typeset
Notes Story was originally written under the pen-name Herbert Zulerich. Story was also reprinted in Startling Stories v1#1 (January 1939).
Reprinted from Science Wonder Stories (August 1929) original title: "The Eternal Man", with new illustrations]

7 page story "The Vampire Witch"

Synopsis "The power of witchcraft becomes real when a meek man turns into a human monster."
Genre horror
Pencils Oscar Fraga (signed)
Inks Oscar Fraga (signed)
Notes Same basic script as original with new art.
Reprinted from Weird (Eerie Publications, 1966 series) #v4#1 [a redrawn version of "The Witche's [sic] Curse" from Weird Mysteries (Key Publications, 1952 series) #8 (January 1954)]

4 page story "The Walking Dead"

Synopsis "The strange and compelling story of a man who didn't believe in ghosts until he became one."
Genre horror
Reprinted from Tales of Voodoo (Eerie Publications, 1968 series) #v3#3 [a redrawn version of "The Ghost of the Rue de Morte" from Chamber of Chills (Harvey, 1951 series) #21]

7 page story "Demons and Vampires"

Synopsis "A mad artist proves demons and vampires do exist in a most horrifying rip-off."
Genre horror

3 page text story "Xebico"

Synopsis "A weird fog leaves fleshless victims strewn about the city."
Genre horror
Script H. F. Arnold
Letters typeset
Reprinted from Weird Tales (September 1926) [original title: "The Night Wire", with new illustrations]

7 page story "Terror of the Dead"

Synopsis "Ancient and long dead bodies seek revenge when non-believers desecrate their graveyard."
Genre horror