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Issue Details

Issue #5
Published November 2004
Cover Price 2.99 USD
Pages 36
Editing Mike Marts; Stephanie Moore (Assistant); Sean Ryan (Assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Prodigy [David Alleyne]; Wallflower [Laurie Collins]
Genre superhero
Pencils Andy Park
Inks Andy Park
Letters Typeset

1 page New X-Men recap "Previously"

Genre superhero
Pencils Randy Green
Inks Rick Ketcham
Colors Richard Isanove; Pete Pantazis
Letters Typeset

23 page New X-Men story "Choosing Sides Part 5: Above the Law"

Characters FEATURE: New Mutants--Prodigy [David Alleyne]; Wallflower [Laurie Collins]; Wind Dancer [Sofia Mantega]; Elixir [Josh Foley]; Surge [Noriko Ashida]; Wither [Kevin Ford]; GUESTS: Cyclops; Emma Frost [White Queen]; Dani Moonstar; Wolfsbane [Rahne]; Hellions--Hellion [Julian Keller]; Mercury [Cessily kincaid]; Rockslide [Santo Vaccaro]; Dust [Sooraya Qadir]; Icarus [Jay Guthrie]; Tag [Brian Cruz]; CAMEOS: Captain America; AIM (Both in a video game); Spectre [Dallas]
Synopsis The heads of Xavier's School do some intense soul searching in trying to figure out whether they should turn Kevin over to the FBI for the murder of his father; They decide that mutants shouldn't be above the law and give him up; Hellion and his squad think this is a really bad idea and prepare to get Kev back.
Genre superhero
Script Nunzio DeFilippis; Christina Weir
Pencils Michael Ryan
Inks Rick Ketcham; Avalon
Colors Pete Pantazis
Letters Dave Sharpe