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Issue Details

Issue #97
Published September 1950
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee
Notes Contents from

Cover Details - "The Wooden Horror!"

Pencils Don Rico ?
Inks Don Rico ?
Notes Art credit suggestion from Saltarella via the GCD Error Tracker.

8 page story "The World That Vanished"

Synopsis An explorer finds a great library in the East which contains books that detail the story of Atlantis. Atlantis vanished beneath the waves because a commoner partook of a black magic potion so he could gain the love of the vizier's daughter. The potion made him so large that Atlantis sunk under his weight and he became too large for the Earth itself to hold him and he fell off the planet and died.

6 page story "Beyond the Grave"

Synopsis The king of an African tribe is jealous the influence the witch doctor possesses, and so opens the cage of a captured gorilla that the beast will slay the witch doctor. The witch doctor transfers his mind into the creature during his final moments and returns later to slay the king.

2 page text story "Clue in Sepia"

Letters typeset

2 page Sun Girl story "Danger in the Sun!"

Synopsis Sun Girl investigates a group of Incas in Mexico conducting sacrifices to the sun. Their leader has been educated in schools of the outside world, and so is not frightened by an occurrence of an eclipse, but he neglects to educate his people. Sun Girl convinces the superstitious villagers that the sun god is angry and they destroy their evil leader and free her.

7 page story "The Wooden Horror!"

Synopsis A puppeteer sorcerer creates wooden dolls to perpetrate crimes on the village below his castle.