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Issue Details

Issue #100
Published April 1951
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 36
Editing Stan Lee

Cover Details - "Eyes of Doom!/The Day That Time Twisted!/Cry: Vampire!/The Man Who Vanished!"

Pencils Vern Henkel
Inks Vern Henkel
Reprinted in Marvel Tales (Bell Features, 1950 series) #98

7 page story "The Man Who Wasn't There"

Pencils Vern Henkel
Inks Vern Henkel
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6 page story "Eyes of Doom"

Pencils Ed Winiarski ?

2 page text story "Black Horror"

Letters typeset
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Reprinted from Mystic (Marvel, 1951 series) #1 (March 1951) [originally titled "The New England Horror"]

4 page story "Vampire"

Synopsis A brother brings home a vampire bat that he has captured from a cave. It turns into a beautiful seductress and hypnotizes him into introducing her to his brother, whom she desires as a mate. He warns his brother about her, but the brother thinks he is jealous and leaves. He reads up on methods for dealing with vampires and when the woman flies into a cave, he seals it with a cross, and shoots his turned brother with a silver bullet. He is convicted of murder and executed.
Pencils George Klein
Inks George Klein
Reprinted in Tomb of Darkness (Marvel, 1974 series) #14 (May 1975)

5 page story "The Strange Machine"

Synopsis The leader of the Spanish Inquisition intends to do away with a rival by presenting a strange machine that will prove he is in league with the Devil. He climbs inside to investigate how the machine works, but fails to anticipate that his rival was building a device that would automatically implement every torture yet devised.
Pencils Clark Haas ?
Inks Clark Haas ?
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