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Issue #45
Published February 2002
Cover Price 1.99
Pages 36
Editing Joan Hilty; Harvey Richards (assistant)

Cover Details

Characters Batman; Robin; Harvey Bullock; Commissioner Gordon; Villains: Killer Croc; Penguin; Two-Face; Creeper; Catwoman; Harley Quinn; Joker; Poison Ivy; Mr. Freeze; Scarface; Ventriloquist; Mad Hatter; Riddler; Bane.
Genre Superhero
Pencils Darwyn Cooke
Inks Darwyn Cooke
Reprinted in Batman: Ego & Other Tails (DC, 2007 series) #[nn]

22 page Arkham Asylum story "Running the Asylum"

Characters Batman; Robin; Jim Gordon; Arkham Asylum Villains: Killer Croc; Two-Face; Poison Ivy; Harley Quinn; Joker; Clayface; Scarface; Ventriloquist.
Genre Superhero
Script Scott Peterson
Pencils Tim Levins
Inks Terry Beatty
Colors Lee Loughridge
Letters Albert De Guzman