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Issue Details

Issue #12
Published February 2002
Cover Price $2.50
Pages 36
Editing Dan Raspler (editor); Morgan Dontanville (assistant)

Cover Details

Characters The Spectre [Hal Jordan]
Genre Superhero; occult
Pencils Ryan Sook (signed)
Inks Ryan Sook (signed)
Colors James Sinclair

21 page The Spectre [Hal Jordan] story "The Spectre of Christmas!"

Characters The Spectre [Hal Jordan]; Santa Claus; Mrs. Claus; spirit of Abin Sur; Charles Dickens; The Phantom Stranger; Helen Katherine Jordan; Ebeneezer Scrooge; Hal Jordan; Jim Jordan; Jack Jordan; Mrs. Jordan
Synopsis Santa Claus hosts a Christmas party and invites The Spectre and Abin Sur, while The Phantom Stranger plays board games with Helen Jordan. Charles Dickens then shows The Spectre a town of souls in despair, led by Ebeneezer Scrooge, and The Spectre frees himself and the town using memories of his past, after Scrooge captures him.
Genre Superhero; occult
Script J. M. DeMatteis
Pencils Ryan Sook
Inks Ryan Sook
Colors Guy Major
Letters Chris Eliopoulos
Editing Dan Raspler (editor); Morgan Dontanville (assistant)
Notes Continued from The Spectre 11. The three Jordan boys appear as a young boys, shortly after their father's death.