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Issue Details

Issue V2#5 [17]
Published October 1941
Frequency monthly
Cover Price 0.10 USD
Pages 68
Editing David Adams ?
Notes Indicia title: BLUE BOLT.

Cover Details

Characters Dick Cole; Simba Karno
Pencils Bob Davis (signed)
Inks Bob Davis (signed)

1 page Ye Editors' Page letters page

Letters typeset
Notes On inside front cover.

11 page Dick Cole story "Dick and Eddie March, having completed a summer sojourn on the Mississippi River..."

Characters Dick Cole; Simba Karno (villain; reforms after this story)
Script Bob Davis
Pencils Bob Davis (signed)
Inks Bob Davis (signed)

7 page Sergeant Spook story "Sergeant Spook has come upon a ghost cyclops..."

Characters Sgt. Spook; ghost Cyclops (villain); Hercules (as a ghost; introduction)
Pencils Malcolm Kildale (signed)
Inks Malcolm Kildale (signed)

7 page Twister story "In the Painted Desert"

Script Ray Gill
Pencils Paul Gustavson
Inks Paul Gustavson

6 page The Phantom Sub story "Involuntary 'outlaws,' the Phantom Crew and their super-submarine, the Phantom Sub..."

Script Bill O'Connor
Pencils Ben Flinton
Inks Leonard Sansone

2 page Krisko and Jasper text story "Krisko and Jasper on Sea Horse Island"

Script Ray Gill
Pencils Jack A. Warren (illustration)
Inks Jack A. Warren (illustration)
Letters typeset
Notes Continued in next issue.

3 page Edison Bell story "Edison Bell and Jerry have won a round trip to the South Seas!"

Script Ray Gill (credited)
Pencils Harold DeLay (credited)
Inks Harold DeLay (credited)
Notes Continued in next issue.

1 page Edison Bell activity "Paper-Tube Periscope!"

Pencils Ray Gill (signed)
Inks Ray Gill (signed)

6 page The White Rider and Super Horse story "While hurrying through the sheer walls of Canyon Diablo..."

2 page Old Cap Hawkins' Tale story "Shoot If You Must, This Old Grey Head--But Spare Your Country's Flag!"

Script Henry Kiefer
Pencils Henry Kiefer
Inks Henry Kiefer

6 page Blue Bolt the American story "Being an account of this famous character's reinstatement as an American citizen..."

Characters Blue Bolt (origin retold; brotherhood with Kip Parrish revealed; known as "Blue Bolt, the American" from this story onward); Kip Parrish; Bertoff
Pencils Alan Mandel
Inks Alan Mandel

4 page Krisko and Jasper story "Yanh! You're just teacher's pet, you are!"

Script Jack A. Warren
Pencils Jack A. Warren (signed)
Inks Jack A. Warren (signed)
Notes Continued in next issue.

9 page Sub-Zero story "Here's a kid with a sense of humor that will send chills up your spine!"

Characters Sub-Zero; Freezum (introduction; origin; Sub-Zero's sidekick)
Pencils John Daly
Inks John Daly